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Official Coronavirus/COVID-19 Thread


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lol there isn't a thread about this on here? Oh wait it's because this forum's dead. lol


Talk about Plague 2020 Coronavirus/COVID-19 here I guess.


I've had it though. I'm no longer going to work. I have a heart condition, technically, and I've been completely unable to get any solid information at all on if I have a higher risk of dying from coronavirus or not (yes I contacted my doctor)


I'm no longer willing to risk my life for my job and I intend on sending them an e-mail as such tonight. Whether they choose to lay me off or not will be completely up to them. this will not effect my stream tomorrow though. lol.


All sports has been canceled, movies are being postponed or delayed, anime conventions are being postponed or canceled and WWE is hold their events in an empty Performance Center arena with WrestleMania, their biggest PPV of the year, being done the exact same way.




Plague 2020. I guess.

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My state (Ohio) governor just ordered a stay at home order going into effect Monday night at 11:59 p.m. until April 6. Even though I've been self isolating for 4 days now my mother has been continuing to go to work. However, I believe she may be 'essential personnel' or whatever the official title is because she works for a nursing home facility and I haven't heard anything about these being any different.




How many states does this make? I know California & New York are doing it. Any other state(s)?





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I don't know if this has happened in other states, however, in my home state (Ohio) when the stay at home order was extended until pretty much May... they also issued an order to limit the amount of people that can be in a 'grocery story' at one time.


Because... you know... that can be enforced. 😬

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They gave BS wording for it but Ohio is going forward with reopening the state on May 1st.

The BS wording they gave was they are going to 'begin to reopen' but they are pretty much reopening.

Yep. This is the best idea ever and it totally isn't going to end horribly or anything. 😖

I'm not doing a damn thing different.

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There's an outbreak in WWE now. The worst part? It was preventable. But did they? Of course they didn't. Because Vince McMahon is the god damn Trump of WWE.

It needs to be SHUT DOWN. NOW. But will they? Of course not. Because they have an 'essential business' entitlement. Which it's not. AT ALL.

I can live without wrestling for a couple months or however long it takes.

BTW... how's that reopening going?

That's what I thought. Exactly how I expected it to go.

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On 3/19/2021 at 8:59 PM, Tanis said:

So...everyone still alive?

Doing good here. None of my immediate family (mom, dad, grandparents, siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews etc) has had COVID except for one of my uncles. None of my family has had the vaccine either.

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