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  1. I recently started Beastars... It's interesting... a bit cringy for my taste, but not bad.
  2. If the difference in animation isn't as bad as One Punch Man season 2... then it shouldn't be much of a problem.
  3. Lego DC Shazam - Magic & Monsters (2020)
  4. I was not aware there was a blog!!
  5. Lego DC Justice League - Gotham City Breakout
  6. Lol.... we don't have limits on grocery stores... but we're not allowed to leave for any reasons other than grocery or medical. People have been fined $1000 just for sitting in the parks.
  7. Yup... no sharing at all. The forum had a little (a lot) of trouble about some copyright thing. And probably not... I think the entire downloads section was removed.
  8. Don't know about the US, but here in Australia we have 3 states that have ordered complete lock-downs in a day or two.
  9. warriorpirate


    Well I guess having too many expectations wouldn't be right... but yeah, I'm quite excited to see Bleach animated again.
  10. Weird... they emailed us to collect the equipment we need from the office so we can work from home!
  11. warriorpirate


    I'm actually excited about this... hopefully they'll do a proper ending in the anime!
  12. We actually have around 100 cases just in my city... so yeah, it's becoming quite a problem!
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