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New Trailer & Cast For The Pokemon I Choose You Movie!

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Kouichi Yamadera will voice Marshadow in the film. With the role, Yamadera marks his 20th consecutive appearance in a Pokémon film. Similarly, Shoko Nakagawa will also have a guest role in the film as Nurse Joy. The role marks Nakagawa's 11th consecutive Pokémon film appearance.

Other guest cast members include:

Kanata Hongou as Sōji, a young trainer who is aiming to become a professor.



Shiori Satō as Makoto, an energetic and strong-minded trainer.



Arata Furuta as Bonjii, a researcher who has been chasing after the legendary Pokémon Ho-oh.




Maybe we will finally get to see Ho-oh in action.

The film will open in Japan on July 15.


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2 hours ago, ElementalCards said:

SMH at this...


11 years later and fans are still hoping for the impossible. They need to suck it up because the 4Kids era is DONE.

What if Sarah Natochenny graciously bows out of the role for Veronica's sake? I think that's the only way Veronica Taylor will get the part.

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The better idea, in my opinion, is for the company to record 2 versions of the movie. One with Taylor as an alternate version and Natochenny's version being the main one. Sort of like the Todd Snap thing from Kanto.

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