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  1. Happy birthday Pikanet128!!

    1. ACCM


      Happy B day

  2. still around

    just came by to grab something

    still dealing with life

  3. just checking in

    still around just busy with life

    ill be back at some point

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    2. Pikanet128


      ^*Lost in fanfiction 

    3. Catar


      "also only show I'm watching this season (because life and I haven't even looked at the chart) is symphogear axz"


      glad to see your priorities are in order.

    4. NeutralHatred


      I see Pika is a loli man.

      It's okay. No judge here.


  4. at least spell my name right Pikanet128 or Pn8 for short
  5. Just letting you guys know I'm still around 

    im kinda taking a break for a bit

    ill be back

    1. mrbaer


      I hope so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. madschultz1


      When Macross????

  6. Hi, will you do the season 19 of pokemon in WEB-DL 1080p ? ^_^

    1. Ashven288


      You can get season 19 from here

    2. Mashiro


      Thank you, pokemon mega evolution does not exist in 1080p WEB-DL ?

    3. Arian


      No, because they were not released on iTunes or Amazon for some reason.

  7. Well I told myself "I'll work on some projects today after I read this new chapter"

    now I don't want to get up 

    i even moved my pc back to my desk so I would be less tempted to be lazy (had it at the couch) well that backfired as I'm on the couch now

    1. Pikanet128


      And it's dinner time and I still don't want to get up

  8. i feel stupid

    my iPhone had Mono Audio turned on for Haruhi Knows How long

    now that i turned it off i feel like i just left the dark ages

    1. Pikanet128


      @Etzimalfixed my miss typing so you can like it again

    2. Etzimal


      Woah man. Asking for a like from the GREAT Etzimal?



    3. Pikanet128


      Gave you one too


  9. i use .que (refers to my queue file format its not a standard format rather one i made and use in all my scripts and a semi standard syntax (comments # some commands that only refer to the que like -Q --quit or -S --skip and -G --globals)) just because i like to do other things while it runs and one of the main reasons i code to make things easier so why would i make more work for my self if i don't have too
  10. i totally understand the want to queue stuff i use it for everything i write i even make them .que files i even have a semi standard syntax now you would need to ask me no @Koby ill think about it as i don't really know you
  11. I seem to either not have or lost or somehow my slugterra topic heres the files S01-03 Web-DL all re done 1080p Mega 720p Mega
  12. Yes funicom-dl became to popular it even got a github and some mentions other places its private right now because I don't want it to become impossible kobys right that they probably won't do anything but I want to give it some time to let it die down also I want to iron out all the problems i will probably some time in the future reconsider the private status but not right now
  13. well im almost better (i was sick see previous)

    not quite yet


  14. Well I'm sick

    see you when I'm feeling better