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  1. im quite busy so it may take me time to get back to it
  2. whats a good irc client

    ive probably asked this before

    but not since my new pc

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    2. Kid Boruto

      Kid Boruto

      @Moodkiller mIRC license is $10 if you google for discounts ;).



    3. Moodkiller


      @Toddler Naruto - that it is!

      I got mine for $10 as well, which was a discount from a friend, but wasn't too sure whether I could user their URL here or not :P

    4. Pikanet128


      thank you all ill check both out

  3. I just had an interesting though. If you put kempachi and Zoro in a race who do you think would get more lost.

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    2. Kid Boruto

      Kid Boruto

      I'd also have to say Zoro.

    3. Etzimal


      Zoro for sure.


      Kempachi has a loli guide. Lolis are never wrong.


      Zoro has a few swords.

    4. Pikanet128


      You know now that i think about,

      Yachiru might be Kenpachi's whole reason for getting lost.


      Bleach Manga Spoiler


      Then again you could technically argue that's still Kenpachi getting lost.


  4. Hey man. How are you? :D

  5. Pikanet128

    APRIL FOOLS: A New Horizon for Kametsu

    LOL Nice one @Koby
  6. Merry Christmas!




    April Fools, it’s actually Easter.

    1. Nabull


      Happy new year to you too 

    2. nokou


      are you sure, I thought it was Halloween? and christmas tomorrow.. lol

  7. i feel kinda stupid

    ok context first 

    back when i was on win 7 I wrote a AHK Script to Give Full Keyboard Nav to Windows Photo Viewer after zoom Navigate with arrows (Well acually i set every Button to the NumberPad Area)

    also had some cool addons it would remeber your zoom when you switch to next photo or Fit/Acual base on toggle keys even added a PostionRem (were you went in the img withe the arrow keys) also had a delayMode wee it would wait 1.5 Sec after img switch then apply the Rem Values, Even added a key were after you press it you type your new delay val then press enter


    So I wanted to use it today

    first Problem

    Program is not call "Windows Photo Viewer" so the WinTitle Detect Fails and it does nothing

    then I need to Edit the MouseMove Values as i was stupid the first time and didnt use var's relitive to screen size

    i acually stupidly hard coded all the values (what was i thinking the day i did that)

    well got that cleaned up

    and the i try it

    and the mouse Input mode no loger works had to use event wich must take a few sec or Photos wont even detect the Movement

    blah blah

    then i get another issue in Windows Photo Viewer when you pressed left or right no matter what it went to next and previous

    well doesnot do what i want

    so i have to make it zoom back out before advanceing (thank god my script was all ready keeping track of those values for when useing the RemModes, just had to do them in reveses)

    so finish it all

    and then i sit back and use it for an hour (somewhere in there try to figure out which key puts the app in full screen (there isnt one for some reason pretty must every other win10 Inculded apps has one even paint but nope all we get is a slideshow toggle but thats not what i want

    if i want just full screen goto click the button on the screen)

    (some where in there added suport to hide the mouse)


    and then once im done and going to get a drink it occurs to me

    that there was absolutley no reason to re code all the Mouse Drags to Move within the img

    it does that nativly now

    even got in my way when trying to code the next img button

    but when do i think of this after ive all ready finished


    i end up with this mess

    	MouseGetPos, MX, MY
    	MouseMove, cx-qx, cy
    	SendMode Event
    	MouseClickDrag, Left, cx-qx, cy, cx+qx, cy
    	SendMode InputThenPlay
    	MouseMove, %MX%, %MY%
    	if MXG
    		MouseMove, %MXG%, %MYG%
    	PositonX := PositonX-pcnt

    when all i needed was

    	if (FitMode or (ZoomLevel > 0))
    		Send {Left}
    	PositonX := PositonX-pcnt

    ok well that does present one issue if your img is smaller than your screen

    but im just i could fix that and its not to point


    the point is i feel kinda stupid

  8. On your FOP episodes you don't happen to have subs or srt files for the ones that don't have it? :P 

  9. I Finally Put something on my about me tab

  10. well i recently got a New PC that has a touch screen and MPC is not Touch friendly so i wrote an AHK Script to make clicking certain area's of the screen do things like skip back and forth etc.

    if anyone wants to check it out


    read the ReadMe for more info


    it still works with a mouse but then theres really no point

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    2. Pikanet128


      the weird part is it seems to still be the same two developers mostly

    3. Pikanet128


      kasper93 more than the rest before and after the Discontinue date given on the site

    4. Pikanet128


      maybe that's why the exe is now named


      if i remember corectly it never used to have the _nvo before

  11. Is it just me or is the Forum lagging a lot today

    1. Koby


      It's loading faster than ever for me since the updates yesterday. But it may be lagging for others based on the changes to SSL, domain nameservers, and PHP/Apache tweaks. Should smooth out for everyone in a few days once all changes are reflected around the world.

    2. Pikanet128


      ok thanks for the info

    3. IkarosBD


      @Pikanet128 I'm still making occasional tweaks here and there, adjusting as needed based on day-to-day load. The biggest change had to do with the adjustment to how the webserver processes requests. It's not a perfect science unfortunately so some lag/loading issues are bound to occur from time to time, but rest assured I'm aware, and I'm tweaking as needed.


      Basically I'm just watching the server's status interface, seeing how each request is processed (time taken, errors, processes running/handling requests, etc). Adjusting that if needed. Feel free to contact me directly if the issue persists.

  12. Happy birthday Pikanet128!!

    1. ACCM


      Happy B day

  13. still around

    just came by to grab something

    still dealing with life

  14. just checking in

    still around just busy with life

    ill be back at some point

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    2. Pikanet128


      ^*Lost in fanfiction 

    3. Catar


      "also only show I'm watching this season (because life and I haven't even looked at the chart) is symphogear axz"


      glad to see your priorities are in order.

    4. NeutralHatred


      I see Pika is a loli man.

      It's okay. No judge here.