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Found 9 results

  1. Kouichi Yamadera will voice Marshadow in the film. With the role, Yamadera marks his 20th consecutive appearance in a Pokémon film. Similarly, Shoko Nakagawa will also have a guest role in the film as Nurse Joy. The role marks Nakagawa's 11th consecutive Pokémon film appearance. Other guest cast members include: Kanata Hongou as Sōji, a young trainer who is aiming to become a professor. Shiori Satō as Makoto, an energetic and strong-minded trainer. Arata Furuta as Bonjii, a researcher who has been chasing after the legendary Pokémon Ho-oh. Maybe we will finally get to see Ho-oh in action. The film will open in Japan on July 15.
  2. So I got like 45 Arceus Codes for the 3DS games just sitting here waiting to expire lol. Anyone interested in some free codes just PM me with how many you need and I'll try to send you some when I have time to get on. I've already given my IRL friends all they want so feels like a waste to let them expire.
  3. ginyuoholic


    hi i'm new here and i'm just browsing around
  4. SIGNATURE OF THE WEEK #173 Theme: Pokemon RULES: All entries are to be submitted by Friday, December 5th.Your entry must be related to the chosen theme.Only one entry per participant. However, you may edit your entry until the deadline.Signatures must be your own work.Entries can be in GIF, JPG, JPEG or PNG format, and should be no larger than 600x220 pixels. Animated signatures are allowed.Pre-made signatures are allowed, as long as they have not been used in a past Kametsu competition.In addition to your entry, please also submit a theme idea for next week's competition. Please check the SOTW Themes thread to make sure your theme has not already been used.Please read all Graphical Division Rules and Forum Rules before entering. All rules apply.Only entries should be posted until voting begins. Anything besides entries and staff announcements will be treated as spam and will be deleted. Comments, criticism, and discussions should be saved for voting. Complaints about the theme will not be tolerated, as this is disrespectful to the previous winner. As such, these posts will be deleted.
  5. Ok this is a two piece website. the first is where you build the decks: http://www2.bebessearch.com/Pokedex/Login.aspx and the other is where you play: http://www2.playtcg.me/Announcements.aspx like dueling network this website is completely controlled by the players, but will be happy to say that the controls you are given is pretty solid. make sure to full screen and zoom out or zoom out on the main screen. you have the options screen to control about everything above your opponent.
  6. Name: The HPG FC: 4339-3094-3433 trading Shiny Eevee and Shiny Houndour, both males and modest for the same thing but females (AKA shiny Eevee and Houndourm both females and Modest(and no nicknames))
  7. Episode 4 of Middle of Nowhere Gaming Podcast. 10/14/13 News, Topics, Questions, New Releases, etc. www.middleofnowheregaming.com Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Twitter! Subscribe to us on iTunes! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Email us at [email protected]
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