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  1. Are you asking where you can purchase the madman dvd release of Dexter's Laboratory?
  2. I honestly love so many cartoons that it would be hard to name a true favorite. Spongebob, Star Vs the Forces of Evil, Teen Titans and Batman TAS are all ones I like well enough to rewatch several times, among others.
  3. Rewatched Big Hero 6 the other day. It was actually even better than I remembered.
  4. The first one is Atashin'chi. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atashin'chi Don't know what the second one is though.
  5. I've seen all the way to the Sun & Moon Dub hiatus earlier this year. Movie wise I've seen through Gen 3 and haven't watched any after that except for Pokemon I Choose You. Chronicles I had watched completely back around 2012 so there maybe a few I haven't watched now. I've come this far, I may as well continue to the end.
  6. Song of the South. Pretty good though kinda just meh for a Disney film. The idea that people actually got offended over this movie is hilarious.
  7. Tomb Raider 2018, it was ok. I feel like they should have either followed the story of the game better or just done it's own story entirely. Instead, it gives a bit of a bastardized version of the games plot which was rather disappointing. If a sequel comes out and does better it might make up for this one's short comings.
  8. Either Pokemon Y or Pokemon Soul Silver. The hours on Y are higher (around 800 something) but I used the dime trick a bit so that artificially inflated them. Soul Silver I played an entire summer the year it came out. Literally would just wake up and play all day a lot of the time. I had no internet or cable tv then and lived in the middle of nowhere with no car or License so my options were limited to the games I owned. I think I had 750+ hours on it last I looked and I was playing every one of those.
  9. I used a poweruprewards coupon (B2G1F) to buy Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX, Paper Mario Sticker Star, and Kirby Triple Deluxe for the 3DS about 2 weeks ago. I already cleared all the songs from Project Mirai on normal mode. I played a little of Kirby so far but haven't even loaded Sticker Star yet. I have a 20% off birthday coupon that expires tomorrow so I may go get a cheap game today for even cheaper.
  10. I pretty much agree with athias1028's post above. I really enjoyed it though I must say that I've only seen the original anime film and have yet to see any of the other GitS movies or series. I felt the did a good job of making it something that can appeal to a larger audience while maintaining a majority of the original's theme and plot. It's the best Live Action adaptation of an Anime I've ever seen, though that isn't saying much at all. I'd recommend at least giving it a watch at some point before judging it into damnation.
  11. After clearing through Zelda BOTW and Twilight Princess HD, I decided to start playing Bayonetta finally. Pretty good so far, reminds me of Devil May Cry in some ways. On portable I recently got obsessed with Hatsune Miku Project Diva and have cleared through the 3 PSP games and Project Mirai DX for 3DS. I also started Kirby Triple Deluxe and am enjoying that periodically between other games.
  12. In Theater: Ghost in the Shell - I actually really liked this movie. It felt pretty comparable to the original anime film for a majority of the movie with changes that tried to (according to my friend, as the first one is the only one I've seen) utilize elements of the other movies and series. It wasn't a spot on shot for shot or even direct detail for detail adaptation, but it was still really good (especially considering it's a hollywood adaptation of an anime). I'd recommend giving it a chance if nothing else. At Home: Assassin's Creed - I didn't care for it really. There were a lot of things that they did with it I didn't like. The animus was over the top and completely convoluted IMO. Why did they feel the past needed to be subbed? It's happening in his brain, therefore he should be able to understand it and, like the games, it would play out in English for the audience to reflect that understanding. The past story also felt shallow and was just a means to show action and give the apple's location. The whole thing just left me bored and barely paying attention by the end.
  13. I have: PS4, Wii U, Wii, PS3 (launch version), Xbox 360 (original), New 3DS XL, 3DS, PS Vita, PSP 3000, DS Lite, DS, GBA SP, GBA, DSi, Snes, Gamecube, PS2 (Fat), N64, Sega Genesis, and PS1 Slim. I'm hoping to get a Nintendo Switch in the near future too.
  14. I found this article that explains everything pretty well about net neutrality if anyone's interested. http://broadbandnow.com/report/net-neutrality-matter/ Essentially, supporters believe the net is a utility service that needs to be regulated as with pricing interventions in cases of monopolies and made to be a flat service rather than putting unfair limitations on consumers (like data caps or throttling). The opposition says that it should be treated as a service of free market where ideally competition would work out all the problems customers have with certain companies policies (like data caps or throttling). Both are somewhat fair views, but considering that most of the US broadband infrastructure is still underdeveloped and areas are heavily monopolized due to high costs to provide (rural areas cost a lot to provide service to and have little benefits at a set rate) I'd have to say as a consumer that Neutrality is better. If we had the ability to offer everyone any ISP they wanted regardless of area of residence, then ya it'd make sense to leave it to the free market, regulation free. Um, I think it has more to do with money grubbing companies wanting to enforce data caps and sell advertising info.
  15. You realize the bill it's undoing has only been around since 2015 right? So if we were "fucked" in the years before that then ya, I guess we're "fucked". It's still going to be illegal to "sell" personal info (Names, address, Phone #, SSN, Bank Info ect.), it only affects your "interest history" that can be used to target ads at you. If you search something on a sales site, you might see an ad for that product on other pages. The biggest "problem" this revoking does is abolishes "net neutrality", which forced ISPs to show no discrimination in connection speeds to any sites. So theoretically, they could now make your connection to say Kametsu slower than a connection to Youtube or Facebook. I personally never experienced slower connections depending on the site pre 2015, but if you did you might again I guess.
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