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  1. In Theater: Ghost in the Shell - I actually really liked this movie. It felt pretty comparable to the original anime film for a majority of the movie with changes that tried to (according to my friend, as the first one is the only one I've seen) utilize elements of the other movies and series. It wasn't a spot on shot for shot or even direct detail for detail adaptation, but it was still really good (especially considering it's a hollywood adaptation of an anime). I'd recommend giving it a chance if nothing else. At Home: Assassin's Creed - I didn't care for it really. There were a lot of things that they did with it I didn't like. The animus was over the top and completely convoluted IMO. Why did they feel the past needed to be subbed? It's happening in his brain, therefore he should be able to understand it and, like the games, it would play out in English for the audience to reflect that understanding. The past story also felt shallow and was just a means to show action and give the apple's location. The whole thing just left me bored and barely paying attention by the end.
  2. I have: PS4, Wii U, Wii, PS3 (launch version), Xbox 360 (original), New 3DS XL, 3DS, PS Vita, PSP 3000, DS Lite, DS, GBA SP, GBA, DSi, Snes, Gamecube, PS2 (Fat), N64, Sega Genesis, and PS1 Slim. I'm hoping to get a Nintendo Switch in the near future too.
  3. I found this article that explains everything pretty well about net neutrality if anyone's interested. http://broadbandnow.com/report/net-neutrality-matter/ Essentially, supporters believe the net is a utility service that needs to be regulated as with pricing interventions in cases of monopolies and made to be a flat service rather than putting unfair limitations on consumers (like data caps or throttling). The opposition says that it should be treated as a service of free market where ideally competition would work out all the problems customers have with certain companies policies (like data caps or throttling). Both are somewhat fair views, but considering that most of the US broadband infrastructure is still underdeveloped and areas are heavily monopolized due to high costs to provide (rural areas cost a lot to provide service to and have little benefits at a set rate) I'd have to say as a consumer that Neutrality is better. If we had the ability to offer everyone any ISP they wanted regardless of area of residence, then ya it'd make sense to leave it to the free market, regulation free. Um, I think it has more to do with money grubbing companies wanting to enforce data caps and sell advertising info.
  4. You realize the bill it's undoing has only been around since 2015 right? So if we were "fucked" in the years before that then ya, I guess we're "fucked". It's still going to be illegal to "sell" personal info (Names, address, Phone #, SSN, Bank Info ect.), it only affects your "interest history" that can be used to target ads at you. If you search something on a sales site, you might see an ad for that product on other pages. The biggest "problem" this revoking does is abolishes "net neutrality", which forced ISPs to show no discrimination in connection speeds to any sites. So theoretically, they could now make your connection to say Kametsu slower than a connection to Youtube or Facebook. I personally never experienced slower connections depending on the site pre 2015, but if you did you might again I guess.
  5. Heard about this but didn't realize it would be animated. Color me interested!
  6. Ducktales: Show doesn't look awful overall, but the animation looks a bit flat and generic when compared to previous series. Voices for the children characters seem really strange, and I never even really watched the original series. Pokemon: Quite interested in what this will turn out like. If it really is only 20min though, they should really call it an OVA rather than a "Movie". The whole point of calling something a movie is it being at least an hour or longer. Still looks pretty good though.
  7. Yes! I know that feeling! The weather is being obscenely Bipolar where I am. Literally opened my windows the other night after 3 "hot" days in a row (high 70's) and then it decides to drop to low 40's or so that night.
  8. Anime. I enjoy watching it more than reading manga, even though the manga is often better in most ways (story, details, ect.). FPS or 3rd Person Shooter?
  9. Ya, whoever was translating stopped when Yen Press acquired the official release rights. It is now officially completed but don't know if it has been ripped anywhere. I own most of them and plan to buy the last two or three I don't have yet soon to finish reading them. I started the visual novel but it was hard to do after having just read the same thing in manga form. Probably go back to it eventually as I have heard it differs at some point from everything else.
  10. Recently finished Akame ga Kill and gotta say, it's one of the greatest anime I've ever seen. I had heard it was good but hadn't been told what it was about really, and it wasn't quite what I expected. That turned out to be a good thing though because it was far better than I expected it to be. Also watched Cat Planet Cuties and it was decent. More action and plot than I anticipated. Now I'm watching Toradora! and really enjoying it.
  11. Been reading Higurashi When They Cry lately. I'm on volume 6 Curse Killing Arc 2, so far it's pretty great. I think the art in the manga is often creepier than the anime, though I love the anime too.
  12. Kind of. It was canceled in a nice way (where the creator was made aware of it ending and could plan last season accordingly), but less than 2 years later they picked it back up for a "Revival". I don't think the revival series has done very well though, and seems to be getting worse and worse ratings with each new season so it probably just needs to die.
  13. Well they were for Y, X, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire buuutt they expired on November 30th of 2016 because Nintendo/GameFreak....
  14. The story was the worst part, it made little sense and left little impression. The animation looked pretty typical too, maybe good for the time but nothing special now (not to mention the cheap gif manga segments). Really didn't even like the character designs or personalities. Music is a personal preference (though technically, so is everything else in entertainment) and I don't recall it to be anything too spectacular. It got super popular in the west due to it airing on Adult Swim and just like most main stream anime in the west got way overrated. Unlike other mega hit anime in the west, however, it was an OVA series from original ideas rather than based on manga/light novels and it shows in it's sloppy writing. You want to like it, fine, don't expect everyone to as well.
  15. I need to rewatch Chaos Head before this because it's been several years. I remember I really liked Chaos Head though so I'm excited for this series.