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  1. Trinity Soul

    Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

    Of course that kinda became obvious when they put 2 recaps into this set LOL! =D
  2. Trinity Soul

    Browser AssisstNCE

    Okay I no longer need helo my oc died and had to fully restore and it works now so thanks anyway
  3. Trinity Soul

    Browser AssisstNCE

    M Chrome won't allow me to reach the site only way I can get in is by using the cache on the search, si there a way to fix this problem. (Note: I just upgraded to newest flash player version) not sure if that matters
  4. In previous films there have been featured songs that were never released, example music on Ant-Man a song was featured as a backtrack to the movie "Love Kelli - Our Time Now" I have searched everywhere and it is nowhere, another song is "Appogee - Tidal" (song is Tidal) (from Zathura) as well as music that was aavailable on Itunes for a short time but no one ever bothered to upload a version to the web like "The Weeknd - Simple Plan ft. Selena Gomez If anyone knows good forum sites to ask others if they have these songs as well as other short run itunes songs that never hit youtube or anywhere else, please let me know
  5. Trinity Soul

    Log Horizon Season 3?

    Thanx for the info
  6. Trinity Soul

    Log Horizon Season 3?

    Okay I gotta ask since you guys know the right places to get these answers. Has Log Horizon been confirmed for a third season? And also if it has do any of you know when it is suppose to aire?
  7. Okay so the first part of this came out today cannot wait to see it. However I would love to hear all of your thoughts about this last year and a half. They seemed to have put out a good deal of shows following the pattern, mysteriously end up in another world or die and reborn in another world, examples: Knights & Magic, In Another World With My Smartphone, & Saga Of Tanya The Evil, I would like to know what all of you think in comparison, will this new series have merrit or will it be another copy. Of course I started the thread so I should make my thoughts first LOL. I noticed a load of similarities, however it follows a new line with some peculiarities, the good kind like deception, lies, and hoping in the future a little more technical effort to the new world. Seeing a futuristic outcome of even a second season means the creator and publishers are hopeful. I am just wishing that this new series won't end up like so many in the past cut short or worse cut dubs short and only finishes subbed. (MAR, Puzzle & Dragons, Case Closed, etc..) So many good anime never complete or finished but never added to since the manga goes a dif direction like Rave Master.
  8. Trinity Soul

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    Thank You so much for the tips and links, I know it will take a while to fully grasp the programs but thanks to you I can make an effort to get it right LOL.
  9. Trinity Soul

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    can u tell me where to go to get those, I have a bad record of finding what I need when they are virus filled hate downloads lol I am new to the whole ripping clipping encoding converting thing and I would take any advice you can give as well
  10. Trinity Soul

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    Okay I read alot hope I didnt miss this subject in all the pages. I have done a download and when I went to convert it to a dif size all that registered going through was the audio, the converter usually converts AAC 129 2 ch, but this gives me EAC3 192 6 ch. what free converter app can i get for my win 8.1 laptop that will properly convert this file?
  11. Trinity Soul

    Program Search for Clipping

    Do you know of a free program good at clipping off bits of a show like 4 secs or less. my current converter only goes down to 8 secs, and I need it to go less. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  12. Trinity Soul

    ASK upcoming anime in 2018 and 2019

    Thanx for that I am really glad to see they have started and it will be out soon!!
  13. Trinity Soul

    ASK upcoming anime in 2018 and 2019

    Does anyone know if Tenchi Ai is going to be dubbed or will it only get shoved onto the no dub list for the company that has rights to the Tenchi Muyp franchise?
  14. Trinity Soul

    How to Record or Download HiDive 1080P Quality?

    This isn't a request I was just curious if any of you could do it.
  15. Trinity Soul

    How to Record or Download HiDive 1080P Quality?

    Thanks alot for taking time to do this stuff guys!! Can any of you do the Hunter x Hunter (2011) series the new eps are impossible to find episode 96 is the pain right now, I would do it if I knew how and had the account on adult swim