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  1. It is fun to watch more than one that way you have one to watch each day of the week tee hee =D My perspective is watch it all then judge, I have seen many anime that in first 4 or 5 eps suck, but after that it is like, What is this show? Why did it take so long to get good? Why didn't anyone tell me? and the oh so apparent Does it have a sequel coming or a prequel? =O LOL (Of course for the ones that truly just suck I say, Sorry, that's 5 hours you won't get back HAHA) At least this new lot looks very promising, I enjoy hearing what others think, however I will still watch them through anyway
  2. I have every part of me crossed hoping for How To Pick Up A Girl In A Dungeon to get its next season! Sadly as far as everything I have seen it itsn't gonna be this year, so I just keep them all crossed for winter or spring =D (And as for Index making it's comeback I will wish it at least hits by winter lineup as a late addin, That show has enough potential to get serious revenue for the creators and tons of love from the fans)
  3. Trinity Soul

    Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

    If the sate I got for it's release is right (usually is all the other dates for anime have matched up) It was suppose to be the 18th of this month not sure if it will be like part 1 all released at once or if by one episode at a time =D
  4. Trinity Soul

    Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

    Apologies, I was talking about RE Zero Iam not sure where I got it all I know is I found it at the beginning of June and I write down the new animce coming I don't remember where the info was, but I do remember it said if the shows popularity is high it will go to 52 eps I found a source speaking of White Fox has confirmed Season 2 it has spoilers, read at own risk I will post the confirmation statement There are many unanswered questions for which can be only answered by the Re Zero Season 2. White Fox studio has confirmed there will be a second season but announcement regarding the release date of season 2 is yet awaited. However, director of anime, Masaharu Watanabe, has given fans the possibility of its release by the end of 2018. It seems like after almost three years of wait, the fans of the anime will get to see “Re:Zero Season 2”. Mod Edit: Don't double post.
  5. Trinity Soul

    Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

    I said it since when I found the date for the part 2 there was info saying it was set for 52 episodes
  6. Trinity Soul

    Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

    You asked and they did answer! It was suppose to start September 18th so if anyone sees more about Part 2 please let me know
  7. I have truly enjoyed the work of all the encoders and uploaders! I am giving top props to a few exceptional beings on here, @Beave, @Golumpa, @Catar, @Koby, @NeutralHatred, @Scyrous, @CyberFame, @Mr.Waddles, & @jdcox215 In the short time I have been on here I have learned more about encoding, uploading, and creating subs than most people know in their lifetime. I am a nearly blind man who found something to smile about, Thanks for teaching me soo much!! =D  And bringing so many, the joy of anime!!

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    2. Trinity Soul

      Trinity Soul

      my sincerest apology for that I just wanted to show my utmost appreciation and make sure everyone knows how amazing all of you are, In future I will make sure to properly use pings (not as mentions but when looking for info or reference of importance) =D

    3. NeutralHatred


      >being mentioned at all despite being nothing but a simple remuxer

      Fuck yeah.

    4. Beave
  8. Trinity Soul

    my list of movies/series/anime

    I dont think Joske is active anymore his id says he was last on in 2011, I was hoping he might log in and see my request, I was looking for GX series in 1080 or 720 but all I have found to the day are 480, I can send you some links for the movies if you'd like
  9. Trinity Soul

    An alert about Donations

    Yes it is for amazon only (it is a gift card code), I wish I could be of more use to all of you
  10. Trinity Soul

    An alert about Donations

    @Koby I have no income but periodically I get a $5 gift card code would sending that to you be of any help, i have been doing the microsoft rewards for years and takes 5 minutes out of my day to get points, sadly new users dont get that reward. I want to help so let me know if a $5 amazon card would be useful.
  11. Trinity Soul

    my list of movies/series/anime

    Feel free to ask! Can I get Yu-Gi-Oh! GX?
  12. Trinity Soul

    Anime Icons

    New additions here is pic of thumbnails of what is on the mega now http://prntscr.com/kjgqlo P.S> I corrected spelling on luffy lol Just made and added more than 20 new icons, I hope you all like them and I threw in a Yoshi one just cuz I love that lil dino! =D These are the ones I use on my desktop currently They aren't blurred edges and fuzzy I just stretched it to make them easier to see lol
  13. Trinity Soul

    Anime Icons

    Okay I learned some new tricks and started creating new icons for my PC. I thought I would share them with all of you! =D Mega Link Feel Free To Download And leave feedback and requests if you think I do a good job. This is the first 2 that are on the list http://prntscr.com/kj3g2l Images used before i modify for icon come from Bing searches
  14. Trinity Soul

    Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

    Of course that kinda became obvious when they put 2 recaps into this set LOL! =D
  15. Trinity Soul

    Browser AssisstNCE

    Okay I no longer need helo my oc died and had to fully restore and it works now so thanks anyway