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I very much enjoy action romances and the first season of Yona of the Dawn certainly delivered. Has there been an official announcement of sorts regarding the future of the series? A second season perhaps? Apparently there is enough source material from the manga for the animators to go off of and I would hate it if they chose not to renew the show. 

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      can someone give me a download link for this anime please
    • By sudoku
      I am requesting Dot Hack Sign series in dual audio (preferrably BluDragon encode, but if no one has it, then the Exiled Destiny encodes).
      If you could upload it in Mega / usercloud / etc that would be much appreciated.
      I checked the Dual Audio Anime Download Index and search buttons for working links, but none of them work.  Darkflames
      did upload the following, but there are non-working links - Episodes 7,8, 10,15,16, 19, 21-24, 26-28.
      [UsersCloud] [BluDragon] .hack//Sign [Dual-Audio]
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      Hey Guys,
      I'm searching for Your Lie In April 1080p Dual Audio (Includes all episodes + ova)... Does anyone know the best place I can get this anime... I hate torrents so it would be best if it is a site where I can direct download (Mega and such).
      P.S. :- I found two places that ha what I exactly want. But there are some problems..
                I found a torrent that is 12.4 GB. But it super slow... And it wont download past 10%... This is why I hate torrents.
                Then the other one is too large... (30GB +). That's too much for my data plan...
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      Hey guys just thought it would be fun to put together a little vote on what ecchi do you think is best  of this list :).  The list below will obviously not have hentai and will only be ones that have been dubbed so sorry no Seikon No Qwaiser.
      Rules: You can only choose one of the choices below.  Just type the name or number of  your choice  .   Feel free to comment whatever you want, I would like to hear your top ten overall ecchi.  None of these are categorized from best to worst they are just thrown down.
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      5: Heaven's Lost Property                      (0)    13: Freezing                             (0)       
      6: Is this a Zombie?                              (0)    14: Ikkitousen                           (0)
      7: Hanagai                                          (1)    15: Absolute Dou                       (0)                      
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      After writing all that I was like there had to be a better way then to number them manually.... yup stupid me anyway its not neat but whatever.
      Also I know that i'm missing a lot, but hey good enough list if you have one you like better do tell.
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      Does anybody know the No Game No Life anime? Will there be a second season?
      If yes, when will it be aired?