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SeeD Hallway abolished


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I've decided to remove the SeeD Hallway (introduction board) in favor of simply using a pinned thread in Balamb Cafe here: http://kametsu.com/index.php?/topic/51784-welcome-to-kametsu-introduce-yourselves/

Introductions are pretty simple and there wasn't really any reason to continue to dedicate an entire board to them. I've also edited the permission error given to those without download access to be a bit more informal and try to get people to be a bit more active in discussion rather than the basic error telling them to go introduce themselves.

I also moved the Tech Center to the Tantalus Hideout category and moved Forum Games to a sub-forum of Balamb Cafe while doing away with the Mature Realm board as well.

If you feel any of this should be undone or changed, or you have any suggestions feel free to voice them here as always. I'm always willing to hear suggestions to better the community.

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