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  1. JohnFlower

    Kametsu is now SSL-ready!

    It's sloooooow.
  2. JohnFlower

    Kametsu is now SSL-ready!

    There's performance issues.
  3. EAC can do it, but I find Burrrn more convenient.
  4. JohnFlower

    How to make Android app?

    Start here: https://developer.android.com/training/index.html You may also want to look into Kotlin: https://kotlinlang.org/
  5. JohnFlower

    Help needed:Error there is not enough memory

    So does Java. Kek.
  6. JohnFlower

    Help for all you Video question

    Someone jazz up the formatting and then pin it. Thanks.
  7. JohnFlower

    IRC Ban, and I'm already connected?

    [23:23:30] *** Joins: Kurosei2 (Kurosei@xertion-fp4.fdd.19.134.IP) [23:24:03] *** Joins: Kurosei (Kurosei@xertion-fp4.fdd.19.134.IP) [23:25:45] *** Kaishiro sets mode: +b *!*@xertion-fp4.fdd.19.134.IP [23:25:45] *** Kurosei was kicked by Kaishiro (No clones. ^C04#430) [23:25:45] *** Kurosei2 was kicked by Kaishiro (No clones. ^C04#431) [23:26:12] *** Kaishiro sets mode: +b *!*@xertion-sg1.7h0.167.75.IP [23:26:12] *** Sudaman was kicked by Kaishiro (No clones. ^C04#432) [23:26:12] *** Sudaman_Dusan was kicked by Kaishiro (No clones. ^C04#433)
  8. You run ffmpeg.exe as per the websites instructions: ffmpeg -i input.mp4 output.avi You can also do it losslessly by using: ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -c:v copy -c:a copy -c:s copy output.avi where c:v is video codec, c:a is audio codec and c:s is subtitle codec.
  9. Then you're doing it wrong.
  10. JohnFlower

    Three search limit

    IPS actually removed the fast indexer shit from IPB4, so blame them.
  11. JohnFlower

    Anyone use MPV on windows 10?

    On Windows, scripts go in /path/to/mpv/scripts where /path/to/mpv is the directory where you have mpv.exe.
  12. JohnFlower

    My PC's internet speed is slower than sister's Mac??

    What's the model of your PC?
  13. JohnFlower

    New Theme: Titan + Updates + Snow

    Don't forget that silli thing at the bottom: kametsu.com##.ipsfocus_snowBottom
  14. JohnFlower

    Get VPN to work with Mirc Pro?

    There's no trick. Use OpenVPN's client.