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  1. I didn't even look at who the OP was in that thread, and i can send you those isos of Inuyasha Season 2 if you're still mad about that.✌️

  2. Please reply on the sailor moon dic episodes form, thanks :)

  3. Are you still recording Preflight?

  4. Can you empty your message box? Thanks.

  5. hi just wanted to ask when your planning on finishing off BW Adventures in Unova (& Beyond)? DVD rips thanks for your contribution :-)

  6. While I get it's meant to be a festive effect on the forums, it's causing me some grief. It took me 30 minutes to edit it and format 6 links on a single posts, and it felt like each formatting took twice as long as the last. My laptop isn't exactly the newest, and after encoding an entire disc's worth of content, it doesn't have the strength to handle falling snow effects that stack up at the bottom of the screen. I had to write this on mobile because it was so bad, however, I need to do thread formatting on my laptop to make the editing as fast as possible. So is there anyway I can turn off this freaking snow? I don't even know how to change the theme so I'm not even sure if I was unfortunate enough to use the one theme with snow on it. Help please!
  7. I got my ticket for this last week. Super excited.
  8. You will need to message me here. The Skype account is currently down.

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    2. DigiPokeMon


      Yesterdays (Fridays was reruns) and todays it does not air



    3. DigiPokeMon


      I just check the tv listings. It does appear it airs Saturdays and Sundays now but I did not know that so I missed it



    4. Koby


      Yes of course. I use AndChat on my phone for IRC. It's an android-only IRC client though so if you use an iPhone or Windows phone, IDK, but I'm sure  they all have their choices.

  9. I am definitely excited for this!
  10. First 26 episodes of NT Warrior are encoded and uploaded.

    1. Yatogam1


      Great. Thanks for the encodes! :D

  11. Don't ask for YGO promos you plan to shamelessly upload to your YouTube channel. You did it to us once, not again.

  12. Meowth

    New Dark Theme titled 'Carbon' Added

    These themes keep getting better!
  13. Meowth

    Anime: English Dub Vs Sub

    Here's my take on why dub is better than sub. This may not be for everyone, but I find myself less able to get comfortable watching subs since I have to constantly ready text as well as watching what takes place on the screen. It also gets on my nerves when I occasionally have to rewind a scene to reread a certain line of text I didn't catch the first time. At least with dub, I can rely on just my hearing for the audio so I can provide complete attention to what's actually happening in the scene. That being said, I would be lying if I said I was 100% content with every dub I heard. Especially with extremely adapted anime, I find myself liking the Japanese BGM over the English replacement BGM in most of these cases. It's becoming less common with anime nowadays, but still something I encounter on occasion.
  14. I'm sad to see the smashable Christmas lights go but I'm really digging the new themes we got in it's place!