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What TV shows are you currently watching?

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On 3/17/2018 at 1:41 AM, Tanis said:

Just finished up Amazon's 'The Tick' which was kind of a good romp.
-Not really a fan of the suit, but, whatever.

Gonna start Spider-Man:TAS.

I found the Tick to be a lot of fun. My expectations were low to start with since the last live action Tick series wasn;t too great. Love the cartoon series though. 


Is the Spider-Man; TAS the 90s version? If so, that's a good pick. I've always been partial to that series.

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Overlord SE3.


Wish I had enough time to watch all of Doctor Who before the new series starts, but...yeah.


That's a LOT of episodes.

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I'm currently wathcing "Elementary". http://favoritetv.me/cbs/elementary/  BBC Sherlock impressed me so much that I started watching everything remotely similar to it. Elementary is quite good, however at first I was a bit concerned about the drastic change of Watson's image. But she's so damn good, I absolutely adore her, she's now my favourite character ❤️


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