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  1. Trapper Adams

    Criminal Minds

    criminal minds is awesome!!!
  2. Trapper Adams

    General Toonami Discussion

    I love adult swim!!!
  3. Trapper Adams

    All Types of Music

    I like all kinds of music. Insane clown posse is my favorite of all.
  4. Trapper Adams

    The Big Bang Theory (TV Series)

    I love those nerds!!!!
  5. Trapper Adams

    Sleepy Hollow (TV Series)

    sleepy hollow was the sh*t!!!
  6. Trapper Adams

    Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope 1977

    I liked the original starwars movies.
  7. Trapper Adams

    Black Sails (TV 2014)

  8. Trapper Adams

    Vikings (2013 TV Series)

    I liked the vikings series, i have the song on my mp3 player.
  9. Trapper Adams


    izombie was good! i like the creative ways she ate the brains.
  10. Trapper Adams

    What if Game of thrones were to made in to a anime

    game of thrones made into an anime? that would be rockstar.
  11. Trapper Adams

    Guardians Of The Galaxy 2

    guardians of the galaxy 2 was only ok.
  12. Trapper Adams


    the character bones on bones is very hot!!!
  13. Trapper Adams

    Hardcore/Metalcore bands are awsome?

    hardcore bands are the bomb. suck it
  14. Trapper Adams

    Jurassic World Trailer (2015)

    It looked awesome. it was awesome.
  15. Trapper Adams

    Zombie Movies

    world war z was my favorite zombie movie ever!!!