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Request a graphic here!

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Request a graphic here!

Here's the place to request a signature, avatar, banner, etc. from our many artists at Kametsu! Requests posted here may be filled by any member, staff or otherwise. If you'd like your request to be completed by a specific artist, please contact them directly. To make a general request, please follow the template provided below.

Type of graphic: (Signature, banner, avatar, etc.)

Size: (Dimensions; signatures are 600x220px maximum, avatars are 150x150px maximum)

Character: (Links to specific images are a great help to artists)

Style: (General style/theme/"feel"; smudge, C4D, grunge, fire, etc.)

Text: (Main text; please note any specific colors or styles)

Sub-text: (Any other text; again, please note specifics)

Things to avoid: (If you don't like pink, this would be the place to mention it)

Other comments: (Any other instructions that do not fit into the above categories; matching avatar for signatures sets, border, etc.)

Not accepted.

Artists! When a request tickles your fancy, please quote the request post and state that you'd like to accept the request.

Requesters! Please stick to the above template as strictly as possible (copy/paste is your friend~), to help the artists give you exactly what you're looking for. When an artist accepts your request, please edit your request post and change "Not accepted" to "Accepted by so-and-so." This helps artists know who's doing what.

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Hello I need a Christmas Banner for the forum.

Text: Forgotten Memories (Maybe add the word: Forums)

Sub-Text: anything that sounds good for xmas. xD

Size: Hmm no specific size though perhaps 800x140 pixels

Images: I can't find it, but the sora picture in the xmas costume for halloween town. if you find it post it too!

Color Scheme: matching the forum, yet seem xmasy.

Kind of Graphic: Banner

Other Comments: It'd be good to have the edges transparently fade into the background of the forum.

Also I need a matching signature of 350x130 in size.

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Looks great! Could you post the image of sora though? I been looking but couldn't find it. :(

I'll put those up!

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Hiya, I'm FmaHash and I've got a site called Anime-Nationz and I would like to request a button for my site ( actually I want two: one for sharing with affiliates and the other for my topsites that I'm making) Heres the form:

Text : "Anime-Nationz" but if it doesn't fit then you can write "A-N" (for both the buttons)

Sub-Text : "topsites" ( just for the topsites button)

Size :88x33 for both

Images : any anime pics would do (cool ones will be nice ;D) for both

Color Scheme: Some thing like my site here

Kind of Graphic: Button

Sorry that I'm asking for 2 but I really need it and thanks I will really appreciate it :D

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Me trying to make a button AN_button.jpg:P

I will prefer making sigs any day. I don't like making buttons they are too small :-\

but at least I tried ;D

edit: I had another go at it and this is what I got AN_banner_02.jpg

tell me what you think (but it's not as good as what you can make ;))

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Good stuff, and thanx for the reminder I almost foregot :P I'll make it RIGHT now.





And just so you know if you ever want to make ur own button, you never need more than 1 bursh stroke :P


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