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  1. I really like your signature.

  2. That's true, but the problem I see is that no matter how many twists Kubo makes, all of them are plain, almost childlike imo. You can almost always tell what the twists will be because they are most of the time cliché. Oh and just to make it clear, I'm comparing the mangás and not the anime. Yu Yu Hakusho is infinitely better as a manga than as an anime. And Hunter x Hunter is very good if you don't care about crappy drawing (which is my case)
  3. I don't watch anime, just read manga but here's the one's I'm reading: One Piece Naruto Bleach Gantz Hunter x Hunter Yakitatte! Japan Mx0 Hajime no Ippo Air Gear Mahoraba Pastel Bitter Virgin Sekirei Unbalance x Unbalance Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas xxxHolic Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Ai Kora Katekyo Hitman Reborn There are some others but the releases aren't that frequent.
  4. Nutz


    No need to be ashamed. I think everyone faces that kind of thing at some point of their lives.
  5. Well, both originated from the same premise but developed differently and to tell the truth Yu Yu Hakusho is infinitely better than Bleach, despite the way Yoshihiro Togashi draws hastly and sketchly (check the latest Hunter x Hunter chapters to see what I mean). Even if the drawing is far from being beautiful when he hastes like that, I still like how he develops his narrative.
  6. I really enjoyed Kenpachi against Nnoitra, even though I don't really see anything special in Bleach nowadays. It was getting quite boring before these last fights.
  7. I'm currently going through my Shin Megami Tensei games nowadays. Currently playing Persona 2: Tsumi.
  8. Nutz


    It still exists. XD I like the community there for some reason, even though I tend to dislike big forums. And I just got into it and now I'm staff there. x_x And good luck getting into college.
  9. Nutz


    I didn't really. I have been a bit busy with college and the only thing I've been doing online is hanging around the IFSZ
  10. Some thingies from while I was away... Abstract Digital Painting Sig Digital Paintingfor a vertical signature battle Another Digi Painting sig Game of live sig. Vectored from scratch Another Digi Painting sig Ayumi Hamasaki
  11. Nutz


    Well, I received the email and decided to check on here again. What's up people?
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