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  1. Here are some of the new sigs I made please comment and tell me what you think ^^
  2. thanks,I think I still gotta work on my text a bit more
  3. It s pretty simple sig I made: U are free to say anything (I won't get even a bit angry) ;D
  4. love this one its pretty neat. Do u have a tutorial for this?
  5. ok I gave it a try its not perfect but it's alright
  6. [PHXN] New001 your just the greatest. the buttons perfect, thanks
  7. hey the tip worked thanks but I have got another request to make, can you use the topsites button to create another one but in a different color and instead of it saying "Anime-Nationz topsites" can it say "No button". I need this because some people who join the topsites might not have a button, so instead that will show up. Thanks in advance ,
  8. well the render is a bit blurry and i agree you should work on your lighting
  9. I like all of them but the last one, I dont no but I dont like (no offence)
  10. I agree, you could improve the text and you could try to make naruto stand out abit more
  11. I agree the green and yellow don't go along well and I think it's a bit too sharp. You could also improve the text
  12. well its really good. I'm not trying to be rude but you use the same style/ techinique (what ever you call it) on most of your sigs. You should try experimenting with something compelety different
  13. the color is pretty nice but I can't really figure out what it is ???
  14. thanks I'll try it when I get back home ;D
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