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The best web browser on windows operating systems

Your favorite web browser  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite web browser that works on Windows?

    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • Vivaldi
    • Opera Browser
    • Internet Explorer

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I find Chrome to be convenient to use, it's often faster and more streamlined than the likes of firefox, but it has its drawbacks (privacy if you care about that, some slowness issues with youtube videos, which is ironic as google owns youtube, etc.). I've been thinking about switching to a chrome-clone like Vivaldi, but want to wait for it to get some more features first.

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There are a lot of browser out there. Some which worth mentioning are:
- IceCat
- Waterfox
- Iridium
- Brave


and a lot of text based light browsers you might have never heard their names. A lot of debates are going on about browsers but these four has the best chance so far.
I recommend choosing one from above list based on your taste, which I made based on the development and privacy issues most browsers are facing.


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I prefer Firefox.Lots of add ons and you can easily configure it so that it doesn't save where you been. I don't like Google Chrome.  I call it snitch-ware because it saves where you been and it seems like you got to constantly clean it with Ccleaner,Super Anti-Spyware out to get it to run right.

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