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  1. BobbyDrake

    Star Trek or Star Wars. What do you prefer.

    Why do you prefer Star Wars? This is phantasy movie for kids from 7 till 12 years old. I prefer science fiction tv-shows such as Star Trek, Babylon 5, BSG, The Expanse.
  2. BobbyDrake

    Star Trek or Star Wars. What do you prefer.

    But my favorite sci fi show it is not Star Trek, my favorite sci fi show is Battlestar Galactica. In this show you can see drama, horror, action and political intrigas. In my opinion BSG is most awesome science fiction saga of all times. What do you think about Battlestar Galactica?
  3. BobbyDrake

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    The Secret Saturdays: Beasts of the fifth Sun. I play this game through Dolphin emulator.
  4. BobbyDrake

    Listen to the song above you!

    This is my favorite song from "Smallville". I hope that you love this song too. Enjoy!
  5. BobbyDrake

    Listen to the song above you!

    This is my favorite band. They are sing songs about Star trek. I hope that you love this song too. Enjoy!
  6. Also i recommend best tracker for cartoons in full DVD9/DVD5/MKV- http://cartoonchaos.org Notice: Invites are very rare, they are open signup only at december 17 till 20. Open signup also very rare. * * They are can open or can't open.
  7. BobbyDrake

    What's your favorite TV Show (non Anime)

    Star Trek: DS9 is my favorite sci fi show. Also i prefer Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica and Eureka.
  8. BobbyDrake

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Mass Effect 3. In my opinion this game is so awesome. Great story, good characters, amazing locations and unique enemies.
  9. BobbyDrake

    Favorite food

    I prefer potatoes with meat with add red pepper and mayonnaise.
  10. BobbyDrake

    Favorite Film Genre?

    I prefer Sci fi aka science fiction. My favorite movies are Star Trek: First contact, Star Trek: Insurrection, Terminator-2.
  11. BobbyDrake

    What brand of T.V. do you have?

    I don't have TV. I have 23'' LED monitor BenQ.
  12. 1-Torrent (private trackers with full DVD9/BD50 content ) 2- UseNet ( huge collection of movies and tv-shows ) 3-DDL froums such as Kametsu.
  13. BobbyDrake

    Last Animated Movie You Watched?

    Justice League: Starcrossed. This is my favorite animated movie by DC comics. In this animated movie have really greatest story, sad moments and of course non stop action. In the first time i saw this animated movie at 01.21.2012. I downloaded DVD5 iso from thepiratebay, this DVD include special features: Deleted scenes Feaurettes "Hawkman" and "Tour of the Watchtower" Character bios, Trailers. You can download this animated movie in full DVD5 here - https://mega.nz/#!ooRm3BBS!O2COLTDgaQR-ITRw4KaRl2tscfNP3UCxljpkkvnUNvM
  14. BobbyDrake

    The best web browser on windows operating systems

    I prefer Opera because there have very many plugins + vpn.
  15. BobbyDrake

    How much of Pokémon have you seen?

    In which country do you live if watching this anime with dubbing? I mean if you are live in Germany you are watching this anime with German dubbing (not original - English).