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New Sections & a new Smod.


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  1. Contest Corner (old forum) added back to GFX area.
  2. Phantasy Star Online added to Gaming area. (Ren and I will be filling it soon with lots of stuff, and also our team "Kametsu" will be listed there and stuff).
  3. Also Ren was made Super Mod.

Just thought I should give an update.

Everyone who has joined PSO, go post your info in the member list topic. If I haven't invited you to team Kametsu, please remind me next time we meet up in-game.

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Too many staff members now... I can't look in the shoutbox without seeing a staff member.

I support the choice of Ren though, but I think we have too many staff members...

Also, I'm not really for the idea of using the forum to promote a private server of some game that Koby thinks is amazing and such. Especially if there are now announcements about it...

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