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  1. spidey5443

    Word Association

  2. spidey5443

    Rate The Signatures Above

  3. spidey5443

    Eve's Showcase

    The anime sig is pretty good. I feel below one is your best signature
  4. spidey5443

    New Sig

    It's a pretty good sig. The colours are a little bland but I think that's what you were going for
  5. spidey5443

    hello all

    Um Greetings to you too, Sir! Would you like a cuppa?
  6. spidey5443

    Latest One Piece Manga Dicussion [Spoilers]

    Wow, since 2009-2014 only 7 pages have been filled....lol This week Bleach got a little bit interesting and one piece as always was good..... I don't think kyros can win the fight, so robin is gonna b stepping in. And when will luffy get back to doffy......in onepiece there aren't many talk no jutsu which luffy can use to skip past bellamy.....though I wish in this case there was hehe...
  7. spidey5443

    SOTW #176: Pit [Closed!]

    Guys, I would like to enter if time permits me but what does "pit" mean? :/ Totally lost there....
  8. spidey5443

    Space Showcase....( ¬‿¬)

    Thanks. I got several tutorials stashed away. I might put them up in the following weeks as soon as I'm done with them. Can't wait for 'em! Sure, go right ahead!! Thanks a bunch, Seraph!
  9. @Poe: Four Separate threads would be too much. The second option is better. Entries/Voting/Results and Discussion, ftw. Glad everybody liked the idea! Use the theme and then use it? xD Btw, poe where's the SOTW winner button? lol It's been almost 2yrs, huh? lol. We could make 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place buttons for the winners to use 'em in their sig place? I can't really help with the BOTM discussion........I sort of like the way it is.....but I can't be so sure.....plus I don't have any ideas for it..... @Breathless: Agreed! Too many competitions and people tend to leave them as ghost town. But, I don't know if it will be good to keep "each GFX competition should be for each holiday". "The importance on the places" sounds a little complicated....think the staff will remember it? xD
  10. spidey5443

    Dark vs Light (GvE with a Twist)

    lol dae! +14+1 = 15
  11. spidey5443

    Breathless' random story thing!

    Well, I'm going C. And hope jayce is a friend not another black suit Btw, the story is pretty good and engaging.
  12. spidey5443

    BOTM: December [Results]

    I think it's most probably the season which made her sig win....I mean yours is not bad but as it's winter season for most of us, her banner looks more winterish than yours. At least that's what I had in my mind when I voted Make 'em dark, yours stuff is good!
  13. spidey5443

    Space Showcase....( ¬‿¬)

    Dude, your stuff is awesome sauce! You are so good at PS. You should make a tut or something to show how you do it. Btw, can I use these stocks in making signatures?
  14. spidey5443

    Guess the next poster

    Nah, the world should be left to itself without any dominations :s Agreed, Job?
  15. spidey5443

    Ban the person above you

    banned for wanting to get invited to monte vista