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  1. Too many staff members now... I can't look in the shoutbox without seeing a staff member. I support the choice of Ren though, but I think we have too many staff members... Also, I'm not really for the idea of using the forum to promote a private server of some game that Koby thinks is amazing and such. Especially if there are now announcements about it...
  2. Exactly, I don't think people realize the kind of permanent damage they put on a person. They love you, and then you betray them, and nothing will wreck your trust and self esteem with all people than the person you love betraying you. Saying "I was drunk" is the most fucking stupid excuse I've ever seen. Not like you HAVE to go drink. Not like you are REQUIRED to get drunk, plus why are you getting drunk at a bar? Why not just drink at home? Getting drunk at a bar itself is irresponsible.
  3. Worded excellently, and 100% true. If the fact your partner cheated on you doesn't phase you, I doubt you relationship is going to work, that or you're just emotionless, which I doubt will work in a relationship either.
  4. It tells you what can happen to you if you cheat your partner.It's a very serious matter though if your partner is serious about it and promises never to do it again,I think it's fine to forgive him/her. I see no reason to forgive someone who promises to be exclusive to you and then sexes around. If they didn't mean it, they wouldn't do it. Let it be a lesson to them that cheating has consequences. Going back to a relationship with a cheater only portrays you're desperate, and gives them control over you. Even if you have children. A divorce won't freak your kids out more than catching daddy or mommy cheating.
  5. to sign a petition about making a oh my goddess video game


  6. Ya, sure, ask away.

  7. can ask for favor

  8. Like I said, what is it usually used for? Anime. Anime people did not buy, also movies that people did not buy. Plus to support MKV they would need to support tons of other codecs, it's too much work for Sony, or even Microsoft for that matter.
  9. Very doubtful, Sony wouldn't really profit from it, so there's no reason for them to even try it. Plus not to mention MKVs are commonly used for DVD ripped stuff, so people are iffy about supporting it.
  10. Wouldn't this go in the tech help forum?
  11. Objective: Try and come up with as many ways to successfully troll or start chaos on a forum. (This is for humor purposes) 1. Claim Smash Bros. Brawl was rushed. 2. Say you're 100% against abortion. 3. Claim Lady Gaga has a penis and those who refuse to accept it are just blind to the truth. 4. Claim Lady Gaga's music isn't the slightest bit inspirational, and her newest CD is just a rehashing of her previous one. 5. Tell people that Slipknot is a true black metal band. 6. Tell people you're a furry, and give an argument of why people shouldn't judge you for it. 7. Challenge the most popular members on the site on a regular basis. 8. Make a realistic argument about how Hitler actually did the world some good. 9. Preach your religion. 10. Quote the bible as fact. 11. Tell religious people that the bible needs pics or it didn't happen. 12. Point out Jesus was Jewish. 13. Claim Scientology is a tolerable religion. 14. Make people lose the game as often as possible. 15. Talk about how great My Chemical Romance is, or Linkin Park. 16. Say My Imortal is a brilliant fanfiction. 17. Say Goth and Emo are posers. 18. Diss any anime series that has vast popularity. 19. Imply that yaoi couplings are retarded and so are the fans that create them. 20. Remind yaoi fangirls that they'll never be a part of that yaoi relationship. 21. Call yaoi fangirls who hate yuri hypocrites and closet perverts. 22. Relate metal music to pedophilia and necrophilia. 23. Tell people you voted for McCain. 24. Say anything good about Sarah Pallin. 25. Talk about how shitty Obama is doing. 26. Repeatedly ask for someone to upload something, then never thank them. 27. Slander any abridged series with a large quantity of followers. 28. Tell people you hate their AMVs and claim they are amateur. 29. Make ridiculous yaoi fan pairing for every series you talk about. 30. As soon as someone talks about a game, story, or TV show, start talking about what couples you support. 31. Claim shitty sequels surpassed the original movie/game. 32. Say 4chan isn't that bad. 33. Diss call of duty. 34. Diss Valve. 35. Claim the Wii is the best system of the current generation. 36. Claim the Xbox is the best system of the current generation. 37. Claim the PS3 is the best system of the current generation. 38. Switch lingos all the time. First make yourself sound British, then southern, then from Finland. 39. Claim that any country is better than the US. 40. Say you support Bush. 41. Claim America's war in Iraq was justifiable. 42. Claim Women are the lesser sex and need to be protected and are meant to be ideal housewives. 43. Preach homophobia. 44. Claim homosexuality is a choice. 45. Constantly ask people for proof on their claims. 46. Constantly ask women online for proof they are female, then deny their proof as decisive. 47. Claim a woman is actually a man on the internet. 48. Rule 34 every picture everyone posts. 49. Whenever a post is above 2 paragraphs, post: "tl;dr" 50. Anytime someone posts any real life problems, claim they are lying and just want sympathy, then post a defensive argument against it. 51. Claim you hate all anime and American cartoons are better. 52. Say Family Guy is the best show ever. 53. Preach American patriotism. 54. Claim everytime you do anything that you "did it for teh lulz" 55. Derail any serious thread. 56. Anytime a thread is made where everyone agrees on something, disagree and make an extreme argument against it. 57. Post warez with trojans on them. 58. When someone asks for a download, put gay porn in a rar and name it the same thing as what they ask and give it to them. 59. Claim a the whole site is worse than 4chan. 60. Claim you're leaving forever and make a huge topic about it. 61. Reference lots of memes, all the time. 62. Image spam. 63. Act like you never know what you did wrong when you offend anyone. 64. Mod Bait as much as you can. 65. Get all the staff members to love you, so that you may continue trolling and no one can stop you. 66. Claim the staff plays favorites. 67. Suggest they remove post count because it causes elitism. 68. Mini-mod on a regular basis. 69. Kiss ass to the staff and make it OBVIOUS. 70. Claim people are immature. 71. Anytime someone says "kawaii" or "desu" call them a weeaboo. 72. Call any anime fan a weeaboo. 73. Claim the only good thing from Japan is porn. 74. Call people with Asian fetishes weeaboos and racists. 75. Claim that Japan is destroying American culture. 76. Post ecchi all the time. 77. Have something stupid as your avatar and signature. 78. Make fun of anyone who posts their photo. 79. Find other members accounts on hentai or porn sites, then post them. 80. Make topics calling certain members out. 81. Claim Macs are the best 82. Claim Windows is the best. 83. Claim Linux dominates both mac and windows. 84. Anytime someone actually disses you or gets a good burn on you, quote them and just put "Lol". 85. Be a grammar nazi. 86. Change your opinion for every big argument to piss people off. 87. Make ridiculous claims. 88. Lie about your personal life all the time. 89. Make multiple accounts with different proxies so that you can agree with yourself in trolling posts to increase drama. 90. Accuse other people of just being alt accounts. 91. Make one account to be a serious member, and the other to troll, then reveal it to the forum after being a valued member of the community for like 5 months. 92. Claim account age and posts reflects importance on the site. 93. Claim the staff are unprofessional. 94. Continuously but heads with one staff member. 95. Tell people to calm down when they get pissed at you, and claim they're overreacting. 96. Never believe people, and question everything. 97. Link 4chan. 98. Claim Wikipedia references in an argument are valuable sources. 99. Defile any point anyone makes. 100. Accuse people of spamming. 101. Accuse people of trolling. 102. Take every chance possible to accuse the staff of doing a poor job. 103. Claim you would be a better staff member than anyone. 104. Anytime a new staff member is appointed, complain about it. 105. Tell people to get over it. 106. Always get the last word. 107. Laugh at rape. 108. Call Michael Jackson a pedo. 109. Claim God does not exist. 110. Claim Atheism is a load of bullshit. 111. Stereotype every thing. 112. Call the pokemon fanbase immature and retarded. 113. Claim games or movies will flop without any real reason behind your claim. 114. Make fun of fan couplings. 115. Call all shippers retarded and claim they make these couples because they'll never get any. 116. Talk about how much you get laid. 117. Claim everyone is a virgin. 118. Claim DBZ is over rated. 119. Diss anything made by CLAMP. 120. Say Death Note was retarded. 121. Claim fangirls have ruined so many good fandoms. 122. Ignore any posts calling you out unless it's just to say "lol" or "tl;dr" 123. Make ridiculous sounding screen names. 124. Create your own memes. 125. Create permanent nicknames for people and use them so much that other people start using them. 126. Insist on being right under any occasion. 127. When you're proven wrong, make it out to be like it's not even a big deal anyways, and minimize the opponent's victory. 128. Claim you're 14. 129. Act like an attention whore. 130. Every photo you post should either have cleavage if you're a chick, or showing off your six pack if you're a dude. 131. Photoshop all your photos to make yourself sexier. 132. Claim other people's photos are photoshopped. 133. Accuse people of posting fake photos. 134. Anyone who does not post a photo, you accuse of being jailbait or fat and ugly in real life. 135. Make fun of anyone who online dates. 136. Accuse people who online date of being pedophiles. 137. Laugh at other's misfortune, especially when other people are feeling sympathetic for them. 138. Complain how mean everyone is. 139. Constantly change personalities. 140. Accuse democrats of ruining America. 141. Claim you're from Canada, then go on about American politics like you have a say. 142. Say all Mexicans need to get out of America. 143. If you're from the UK, make fun of all Americans and laugh at how stupid they are all the time. 144. Make fun of all countries that are not your own. 145. Make lots of rude jokes. 146. When people post photos, accuse them of being fat. 147. Always cheer for the team no one likes in any fight. 148. Go around claiming download links are broken. 149. Claim legit uploads contain viruses. 150. Constantly talk about how great the site used to be before some incident. 151. Preach the site is dying for no reason. 152. Relate the site to other sites in every argument. 153. Make offensive signatures to other religious. 154. Make threads consisting of just a few words, or a picture. 155. Make fun of Twilight. 156. Rave about shit no one knows or cares about. 157. Make lots of innuendos. 158. Lots of motivational posters. 159. Brag about your tits/penis. 160. Claim people are just trying to grow their e-peen every time they argue with you.
  12. I've used VLC player for years, and never had an issue with it. Never crashed, always played all my file types, and never had a problem playing any video. Perhaps all these people have a common problem of installing it wrong and not associating the proper file types to it? Edit: Also, the video you provided first of all lists problems that don't even phase many. "Boo hoo the video quality is raped while seeking because my machine is ancient as all hell", my computer can seek just fine without any reduction in quality. Not only that, I have NEVER come across an instance where the subtitles were lagging behind, and God forbid people have to turn subtitles on... (Well with subbed animes they are usually on by default). The idea of VLC is that it's designed for ease of use from non-media savvy users. Just because I use it does not mean I'm too retarded to use anything else, (as I have WMP with all the codecs I will ever need installed, plus MPC-HC) I just have never had a problem with it. If it's not broken, why fix it? Now you may be thinking "Wow, you must just have a really nice PC then!", not really. My main set up is a simple 2.6GHz processor, with 256MB video, and 4GB of RAM. Now keep in mind I've watched HD videos without any of the problems you're describing (as my computer surprisingly supports up to 1080p). I also watched them on my laptop (AMD 2.1GHz, 3GB RAM, 256 Video) with no problems either. Now my laptop there is pretty close to the standard of basic PCs in this day and age. If your computer is so shitty that it can't playback video without lagging behind or lowering quality while seeking, then why are you using it for anime? Seriously? A computer that has shittier specs than those is probably getting fairly old, and probably won't even support 720p. Get with the times, it's time to upgrade, hell your hard drive at that point probably isn't really big enough to hold a lot of HD video at that point anyways.
  13. http://objection.mrdictionary.net/go.php?n=4043228
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