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Will there ever be a season 3 of w.i.t.c.h? There was a petition that had thousands of people sign it so there can be a new season, the goal was reaches, when will it come out if there is one?

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Started this, then had too much going on so I stopped, But I am def getting back to it and would be interested in a season 3

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I remember years ago I'd see cast listings for WITCH movies and stuff, not realizing it was all fake. It's been so long that I can't imagine them continuing it instead of rebooting with a new series. Disney probably forgot they had anything to do with it by now.

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    • By Denn
      Here is the link to download some episodes from Jhonny Bravo   https://mega.nz/fm/NAYBGYpT   password Seriesdelos90.net
    • By TheShadowDragon
      For those who don't know what Animalympics is, here is the link - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Animalympics.

      The animated film is a series of vignettes presented as the broadcast of the first animal Olympic Games through the fictional ZOO television network. The Games combine summer and winter Olympic events.
      Whoever has a copy with possibly the high quality as well as the original format, please upload. We would be most appreciated.
    • By EljayFlintok
      And I started another playthrough after about 15 years: 

      I was a little surprised that I did not feel put off playing this again for all its grainy graphics. As a kid I awed at the real-guy-in-a-cartoon idea, which wasn't really new at the time but cool to have in a game. Now I wasn't quite sure about all the game mechanics anymore and I feared that it would have the one and only missing mechanic of not being able to skip the walking animations when you want to leave a room/go to the next room. The lack of this mechanic in any point-and-clicker puts me off most of the time. Silly, but true. But Toonstruck actually has it - a right-click instantaneously gets you into the next room - so pleasantly surprised I was, plus it got me motivated to actually stick with the playthrough. 
      What's your recent nostalgia trip? 
    • By D876

      Nick just added a sneak peek of the first episode of the series, is anyone able to rip it?
    • By Goku22
      Dear Kametsu members,
      I was hoping someone on here could help me obtain copies from the following VHS tapes: Princess I shrunk the Marios/Koopa Claus/Two Plumbers and a Baby.
      These VHS tapes where only released in the USA by Kid Klassics around 1989 - 1991.
      I would love to have a raw VHS rips in the best quality possible, the don't have to be cleaned up just a raw copy captured with DVD recorder ore capture card would be perfect.
      Also the audio is really important even more than the video quality.
      So if possible i would prefer the audio to be captured in stereo with a high bitrate.
      Here is a image including the VHS tapes i'm talking about.

      Additional info:
      Preferred upload host: mega.nz
      Resolution: 720x480
      Frame rate: 29.97 FPS
      Frame Type: Interlaced
      Aspect Ratio: 4:3
      Container: VOB / MPEG / AVI
      Thanks for looking at my request i hope someone can help me out.