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  1. pixxelherz

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Great show overall. Very likeable MC!
  2. pixxelherz

    pixxel's Index Page

    No. No progress. I simple can't put my mind to matters like this at the moment. Sorry. Oh, and sorry for the late reply.
  3. pixxelherz

    Name Change Announcement

    wow what? That your new username?
  4. pixxelherz

    Nintendo Switch

    Granted, I have only played Mario Odyssey for an extensive amount of time with my switch sitting in the official docking station. All the other times I'm either playing in handheld mode or with it sitting on a simple station that allows enough airflow.
  5. pixxelherz

    Nintendo Switch

    Screen protection takes care of the scratching. I've had no problems playing while the switch was charging. How long the battery lasts depends on what kind of game you play. 3D games wear it down quicker obviously. For on the go I'm using an appropriate powerpack with USB-C that provides enough juice to be able to play and charge at the same time. No problems with that either.
  6. Why in the hell was I not following you? O.o


    1. pixxelherz


      Why in the hell was I not following YOU!


  7. I see you're following me now...stalker.

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    2. Pollux


      I stalk also! :D


    3. pixxelherz


      I'm the stalker of all stalkers! Who's scared now?!

    4. Pollux


      Not me. It just shows you love us. :D



  8. I just noticed myself. Darn it.
  9. Looks and feels good so far!
  10. pixxelherz

    Name Change Announcement

    I decided to change my name. I have never fully grown accustomed to my current one (EljayFlintok). My new handle will be pixxelherz. I'm implementing the change across every platform that allow username changes, including IRC. For those who may be wondering, the second part of the name is actually German which translates to heart in English.
  11. pixxelherz

    Rate The Signatures Above

    I quite liked the show. The girls, especially Tsubaki, I liked quite a lot. Well, thanks. You'll get a 8/10 from me. It's actually all in the formatting settings for the signature.
  12. So RWBY is officially anime now:


    1. Scyrous


      Now thats a good one :P

    2. pixxelherz
    3. emjay911
  13. pixxelherz

    Listen to the song above you!

    Good stuff, man!
  14. pixxelherz

    xdelta3 GUI 2.0 (v2.0.8) - A patch maker for all!

    I just checked my patches that I have created. One was created with an older version of xdelta, the other with the latest version from here. Both files unpacked fine with no corruption notice after download. I have no idea what's going on on your end. What packer software are you using? I'm using winrar.
  15. pixxelherz

    Listen to the song above you!

    I really like their sound. Good find. Thanks for sharing. Trio Mandili I don't understand a word but this is a great song.