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  1. pixxelherz

    Nintendo Switch

    Yea, well, I tried it once out of curiosity. It does run and with the right amount of tweaking it runs quite well. Don't know anything about stability though.
  2. pixxelherz

    Nintendo Switch

    You could argue the the Wii U emulator version of BoTW is preferred. You get quite the selection of graphical mods and a much higher resolution. Of course you'd need a somewhat beefy specked PC for it and lose the portability of the game.
  3. pixxelherz

    Nintendo Switch

    Damn them. They should have told us earlier. Oh well, it's their way of making money I guess. Looks really nice.
  4. pixxelherz

    Nintendo Switch

    Why? Satisfye ships worldwide. I don't think you'll find a seller other than Satisfye itself. It's a new product I went just out of crowdfunding.
  5. Hey pixxelherz, I PM you back in case you have some time to check it out.

    1. pixxelherz


      Hi, yea, sorry, give me some time. I have to mull it over.

  6. pixxelherz

    Nintendo Switch

    Great piece of kit. Got it myself. Best grip there is I can say. Did you just get the grip or the Elite bundle?
  7. Anyone got glitching carbon themes as well? 2qns3yv.jpg

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    2. Koby


      I'm on FireFox with only uBlock Origin addon, and it doesn't do that to me.

    3. pixxelherz



    4. Catar


      checked mine as well, chrome+various addons, no problems. Definitely look into your browser addons or extensions if any, might be affecting it.

  8. pixxelherz

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Great show overall. Very likeable MC!
  9. pixxelherz

    pixxel's Index Page

    No. No progress. I simple can't put my mind to matters like this at the moment. Sorry. Oh, and sorry for the late reply.
  10. pixxelherz

    Nintendo Switch

    Granted, I have only played Mario Odyssey for an extensive amount of time with my switch sitting in the official docking station. All the other times I'm either playing in handheld mode or with it sitting on a simple station that allows enough airflow.
  11. pixxelherz

    Nintendo Switch

    Screen protection takes care of the scratching. I've had no problems playing while the switch was charging. How long the battery lasts depends on what kind of game you play. 3D games wear it down quicker obviously. For on the go I'm using an appropriate powerpack with USB-C that provides enough juice to be able to play and charge at the same time. No problems with that either.
  12. Why in the hell was I not following you? O.o


    1. pixxelherz


      Why in the hell was I not following YOU!


  13. I see you're following me now...stalker.

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    2. Pollux


      I stalk also! :D


    3. pixxelherz


      I'm the stalker of all stalkers! Who's scared now?!

    4. Pollux


      Not me. It just shows you love us. :D



  14. I just noticed myself. Darn it.
  15. Looks and feels good so far!