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  1. Not necessarily under the DC comics banner, but have you read anything written by Brian Wood. There is DMZ, Briggs Land, The Couriers, Channel Zero, Black Road. He also did some Star Wars.
  2. Castlevania is awesome
  3. Transporter Refueled It was okay
  4. Does anyone has WEB DL's of Di-Gata Defenders that they would be willing to share ? It was a Canadian animated series, it originally aired on Teletoon.
  5. Time splitters series for me, The mapmaker made it even better in my opinion
  6. Defunct property or series you wish would be given new life or brought to current gen systems? Anyone?
  7. To have that feeling again
  8. Agree, lets scratch that question.
  9. Fallout series also has a lot of lore, even if you don't play the series or play it much you can still gleam a lot from it. There are youtube channels devoted to just the stories in Fallout. It could a movie or t.v.series in their own right.
  10. Defunct property or series you wish would be given new life or brought to current gen systems? Unsung heroes of gaming- important developers, creators, or influenciers who never got the recontion they deserved at the time? Why large and ambitious video game properties can fail or what can go wrong? Should gaming be considered a form of art ?
  11. Shows the amount of work put into quality products What other sort of game topics do you want to talk about?
  12. Did you think it was fresh take in the series and could it have led to more games in the series. I thought it had an interesting setting or background with the Pinkertons, American Expectionalism or cultural imperialism ( stuff I remember reading about in middle school history class) The Freedman's Bureau, Pan- American Exposition, Boxer Rebellion, William Mckinely etc. There was a lot of world building and posters you could examine which could lead in to hours of off line research- I saw a particular poster in the game ,but did not know what it meant so I researched it? Any similar experiences in this or any other game series?
  13. I have played Bioshock What did you think of Bioshock Infinite
  14. I agree story driven speaks for itself. Any recommend story driven games or any story driven games catching your eye for the moment
  15. Any particular concept in mind for a future game. I am thinking about a game setting where the protagonist has to fight all the trouble their roommate brings them. Like the characters' roommate causes an alien invasion, dinosaurs to come back to life, a secret government agency to chase them etc.