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  1. It seems like some shows as time goes on have momentum or writing issues. Some networks have focused related issues-deciding if they want to have more comedy,sports, drama, action etc over a diverse genre of shows. Additionally on demand and streaming can affect network content focus and thus cause certain shows to never adapt while others try to adapt to much to current trends. In my opinion I have seen some shows become trapped in trying to be everything to everyone or appeal to every single demographic. I think all shows have to end at some point, the challenge is when, on what terms, and how. In my opinion that's why there are so many reboots, 15 season long issues, shows with a risky premise -but no long term plan, and too much interference from all aspects of the creative process
  2. A lot of stuff on other sites and places is defiantly getting rare and some other places are not as user friendly. I found this site via goggling some random cartoon information.
  3. I was looking for information about various cartoons, and found this site provided a wide variety of resources, discussions, links, media and skill enhancers and etc. Before this site entered my life, I was having a very hard time trying to find things to watch and individuals with similar interests.
  4. Also I noticed it utilizes python. Do I have to install anything extra to make it work? Sorry for asking this, I am new to streaming and stream ripping as well as executable programing .
  5. I was wondering about anyone's experience with tubi tv. I just got a blu ray player and it is on there. There are several cartoon shows on it and wondering if those shows can be downloaded via a tv and some sort of capture software? I apologize if this is topic is not in the right spot
  6. A couple- Tom Clancy ghost recon Mirrors edge Assassin's creed Civilization games.
  7. Playing Mirror's Edge- The ps3 one, finally was able to pick it up. I like the unique design and concept as I found out it was one of 1st ps3 games released and integrated the capabilities of the system really well. I know a lot of people here like to play retro games , any games anyone is hoping being re-released?
  8. Will check it out. I like rpgs with political or social subjects myself. What sort of subjects do you like??
  9. A turn based 1950's crime game. Different criminal factions, competing mafia families, differing police interests create a wide range of potential scenarios.
  10. Excellent point on regional and geographical restrictions and avaiblity. These problems are also made worse by older shows and material not being on the services at all and if they are, they are only there for a short period of time.
  11. Totally agree. Name any major media company or entertainment conglomerate and they will most likely look into the possibility of having one. The potential for profit is high especially those with back catalogs and their own intellectual properties and materials. Fox, FX, CBS, ABC, etc all either have some kind of deal or capability to stream their shows. Funimation was bought by Sony which integrated its streaming services and there is an expansion of infrastructure to facilitate streaming services.
  12. Anyone have any current opinions on the way anime as a medium is being produced, consumed, and transmitted. I mean there is original anime series by Netflix and many major networks are trying to get or launch their own anime or anime inspired programing? It could link to individuals taking a break , if one was to assume there was an influx of material, as not all shows can be watched due to an abundance of material
  13. Not necessarily under the DC comics banner, but have you read anything written by Brian Wood. There is DMZ, Briggs Land, The Couriers, Channel Zero, Black Road. He also did some Star Wars.
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