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Nice to Meet you!


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Hey everyone!

i think i was meant to make this a while ago but i went straight to the anime discussions xD

well anyway...

I'm Annabeiru :3 loved anime since i was 4 years old xD my fav animes are D.gray-man, katekyo hitman reborn and shugo chara :D

i also play games too :D i was on wow for a bit but i wanted to spend my money on anime instead so i stopped, also i love pokemon(the game), fire emblem and super smash bros. brawl :)

hope to get along with everyone here :D

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I probably couldn't say anything new to add from what these guys are all saying, but I will greet you with a warm welcome like I've been here for years. :) I'm interested on getting to know everyone's opinion on other anime I haven't seen and maybe convert me to watching :D

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