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Power Rangers Comics

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I've read a few before and honestly the action scenes do not translate well in comic book format. I would rather watch the original Super Sentai instead.

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    • By Syncope
      way to read Shingeki no kyojin online ....

      Latest Chapter : Chapter 101
    • By PowerBen10
      Teen Titans Go! is a comic book series based on the 2003 animated TV series Teen Titans. It often extends from the show, expanding on plot lines the show introduced and adding new characters. The animated series itself is loosely based on the characters that starred in the popular 1980s comic The New Teen Titans. The series is completely different from the original comics which were written in the 1960s.
      The series was written by Joseph Torres, and Todd Nauck and Larry Stucker were the regular illustrators. The series was published by DC Comics.
      Teen Titans Go! Comics (Megalink)
    • By PowerBen10
      Well I have already uploaded the  Teen Titans Go Comics 
      But I'm still asking!!
      Because I have Complete DC Animated Universe based comic books  like:
      -Adventures in the DC Universe
      -Batman Beyond
      -Batman - Gotham Adventures
      -Batman & Robin Adventures
      -Gotham Girls
      -Justice League Adventures
      -Justice League Unlimited
      -Superman Adventures

      And planning to share (correctly)!
      Should I upload it???
      Is anybody Interested???
    • By Bogamoga
      I want to start reading comics so please recommend some.. i would prefer if its dc
    • By ChintStint
      I'm trying to get into the classic teen titan comics but I don't know where should be my starting point. I know there's the omnibus but I'm looking for more early story lines.