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  1. The 384kbps audio shouldn't be taken in considerancy since not everyone can rip it, You need to have the newest plan to be able to. The subs, on the other hand, could be an indicator. A netflix rip should include all the subtitles available, but for this one to have subs extracted by another source, then it could mean that it was ripped with FlixGrab.
  2. Dexter1998

    Best Free VPN?

    It's ZenVPN, as EccentricOne mentioned before. Looks like a good one and have good reviews.
  3. Dexter1998

    Best Free VPN?

    I found one which is 3 dollars per week. I think I can use it since I don't really need it all the time.
  4. Dexter1998

    Best Free VPN?

    Any good free VPN to get access to content to Netflix US and see it? Please?
  5. Dexter1998

    Stretching 4:3 to 16:9 in Adobe Premiere

    You can use MeGUI for that too if you want. When creating the Script, you go to the section "Script" and there's a part there were you can change the resolution. I don't remember how, but I did it before.
  6. Dexter1998

    FlixGrab Netflix Downloader

    There's a crack for the v1, and that's the best way of getting the best quality ever since they change the compression method.
  7. Dexter1998

    FlixGrab Netflix Downloader

    They're doing this review to get the full free year that the program gives. If you want one, you must do a review and send them the link, and then they give a year free. But only if they send you a email offering it to you. I didn't got one.
  8. This movie was good. I think people didn't watch it because it's Power Ranger. At least that's why my friends didn't. But it should be given a chance. Hopefully it will have a sequel.
  9. Dexter1998

    What TV shows are you currently watching?

    Riverdale Andi Mack Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Best Friends Whenever Stuck in the Middle Re-watching Doctor Who S10 for the Christmas Special. I'm also gonna watch The Tenth Planet
  10. Dexter1998

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Middle School: Worsts Years of my Life. Beautiful and funny movie.
  11. Dexter1998

    Unavailable folders on MEGA?

    Depend. Sometimes can last years, other times weeks, or even days. The folder mostly disappear when the accound has been suspended or when the autor got his links takendown and deleted the folder.
  12. Dexter1998

    Power Rangers Comics

    The comics are really cool. There are not here on Kametsu IIRC, but there's a guy in Twitter that uploads it called PrometheusUFO
  13. Dexter1998

    Storage Solution's ?

    I only had my laptop and my computer. I would love to get HDD's, but I know that it will happen soon. I know...
  14. Dexter1998

    Netflix 5.1 Surround Sound for Windows 8.1

    Well, not all shows have 5.1 audio. Try looking in any Netflix Original Show like 13 Reason Why and you will see it does offer it.
  15. Dexter1998

    Where is Live Action section?

    Then, how can we actually gain access to it?