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  1. Dexter1998

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    Yeah, it's working now again. Dunno what happened, but I'm glad it's working now.
  2. Dexter1998

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    Hey, guys. Has anyone else had problems with the audio script for netflix? I wrote them about it. I'm getting this error in Google Chrome: And in Firefox I got another one, but it's working now.
  3. Dexter1998

    Download from HBO Go.

    Interesting. So, if this download from HBO Go, then Crackle and Clarovideo must too since it's the same crappy player. AWESOME!
  4. Dexter1998

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    All of them are Reencode versions.
  5. Dexter1998

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    Nice! Now I just need a extension that allows me to get all the subs and dubs from a show.
  6. Dexter1998

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    I think I'm kinda OCD, so it bothers me. But I usually go with Amazon for quality, and iTunes for size. Either way, I still think Netflix looks better than iTunes in most cases.
  7. Dexter1998

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    I know you didn't mentioned iTunes, I just said it because that's what I've heard. I would honestly take iTunes for Cartoons too, and that's because their Live Action stuff has been of shitty quality for awhile now. I compared PLL in Amazon and iTunes, and Amazon was much better, and iTunes had frames cut in the sides, hence explaining why their encodes where 1916x1076 and not 1920x1080. And in a cartoon example, Hey Arnold, the Jungle Movie. The colors popped soooooo much more in Amazon than in iTune. The only problem for me is the size of the files in Amazon. They're huuuuuuge, but still, much better.
  8. Dexter1998

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    Actually, Netflix quality is better than iTunes quality. Usually, the stuff is ranked like: BluRay, Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, HDTV.
  9. Dexter1998

    Movie Covers on MKV files!!!

    Download MKVToolnixGUI and drag the file. Now, go to "Attachments" and then, the image you want to put as a cover, name it "cover". Drag the file to "Attachments to add" and then click on "Start multiplexing". Ready. That's all.
  10. Dexter1998

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    This happens because of the internet conection. The best way is to get the E-AC3 audio since it's better quality. In E-AC3 5.1 you get 192kbps, which is higher than AC3 384kbps. Also, you need to wait a little bit after selecting the episode to get it faster. For example, with my slow internet, if I download it at first it can take like 10 minutes or 5 minutes a 60mb audio, but if you wait like five minutes, it will take 1 minute or less.
  11. Dexter1998

    Best Free VPN?

    It's ZenVPN, as EccentricOne mentioned before. Looks like a good one and have good reviews.
  12. Dexter1998

    Best Free VPN?

    I found one which is 3 dollars per week. I think I can use it since I don't really need it all the time.
  13. Dexter1998

    Best Free VPN?

    Any good free VPN to get access to content to Netflix US and see it? Please?
  14. Dexter1998

    Stretching 4:3 to 16:9 in Adobe Premiere

    You can use MeGUI for that too if you want. When creating the Script, you go to the section "Script" and there's a part there were you can change the resolution. I don't remember how, but I did it before.
  15. Dexter1998

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    And does the 1080p look better now or is it still pixelated?