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  1. Download videos from Youtube restricted in my country

    Thank you soooooo much.
  2. Download videos from Youtube restricted in my country

    Yes! Please. I need them in 1080p and only episodes 2-5, and 81-150. Please
  3. Download videos from Youtube restricted in my country

    Just the region locked ones.
  4. Download videos from Youtube restricted in my country

    Unfortunatly, none of this methods work, but thanks for the help.
  5. Download videos from Youtube restricted in my country

    Season 2 not in this quality unfortunatly. I've tried for years. (This is a season 1 video, but so you can have an idea.) I just wanna download them.
  6. Hello, everyone. I came here with a question. How can I download YouTube videos from a show that are restricted in my country. Right now I'm in Europe, and can't watch them. But when I was in PerĂº, I could. So, does someone know how to please?
  7. FlixGrab Netflix Downloader

    There's a crack for the v1, and that's the best way of getting the best quality ever since they change the compression method.
  8. FlixGrab Netflix Downloader

    They're doing this review to get the full free year that the program gives. If you want one, you must do a review and send them the link, and then they give a year free. But only if they send you a email offering it to you. I didn't got one.
  9. This movie was good. I think people didn't watch it because it's Power Ranger. At least that's why my friends didn't. But it should be given a chance. Hopefully it will have a sequel.
  10. NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    Anyone knows if they already fix the problem?
  11. NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    Maybe it's the compression method they use in this new version. I mean, the new one is supossed to "deal with the problem of huge file sizes", soy they could have change the old one.
  12. NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    IMO, Hanna's face looks weird in the first one (might be the expression tho). But yeah, iTunes is not the best for Live Action. Now, I've seen the SpongeBob Stop Motion Halloween Special in iTunes quality and it looks really good like you said. It's weird as you say. But now, between Amazon, iTunes, Hulu and Netflix, how would you guys rank them?
  13. NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    True, but really. I noticed that the quality for L.A. have suffer ever since 2015(?) when season 5 part B of PLL premiered IIRC. Before that it looked good, but then the files suddenly looked weird. Example here (these are compressed since I always do, but I didn't compress them THAT much for them to look different). I took these from the same scene, but different episodes. The first one is from the recap in 6x20 sourced from iTunes, the second is the Amazon rip from the 7x01 recap. The colors are different. And if you compre them, you will see that the image in the iTunes one is kinda wrong (strech I think is the word?). iTunes is 1916x1076 while Amazon is the correct 1920x1080. I dunno why iTunes is doing this (maybe because of the file size since most people download this on their phones), but it's kinda annoying.