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  1. I looked the last episode and was awesome.
  2. I only saw the Power Rangers vs League on Amazon when a website announced it. Would be cool if someone upload them. U.u
  3. Ivoyko


    I dont have the books but im waiting for the 2ยบ season too.
  4. Ivoyko

    Fairy Tail

    I like Fairy Tail but i still have some episodes to see before a new season.
  5. Ivoyko

    Black Clover

    Its a good anime... if its the Naruto successor and have a lot of episodes then wellcome!
  6. The last episode from now (110) was epic for me and the BSO awesome.
  7. Ivoyko

    Gundam Versus

    I saw some trailers and wow have a great look... but how i dont have a ps4...
  8. Im hyped for the special this week.
  9. Who want dubbed Yu-Gi-Oh!? Censore its stupid and u can see it subbed on CR.
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