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So yeah not sure how many of you were aware of it before, but I'm not just into GFX or photoshop related work. I'm also a fan of other forms of digital artwork.
I've always lurked and stalked observed countless artists on tumblr, DA, drawcrowd, manga magazine....the list goes on and on, and I STILL keep following more and more peeps just to keep me inspired and going.
Sure, there were way too many times when I procrastinated or got derailed by IRL matters that I hardly was able to improve. But doesn't mean I'm into it any less now coz of those hurdles, on the contrary now I'm way more fed up about letting things holding me back so lately I've pushed myself into an overdrive and have FINALLY started drawing again. A friend from steam asked me to draw her OC, and it was the perfect excuse for me. (basically it was like an art commission, she gives me some goodies in exchange)
Anyway, here's that piece of work I did for her:






Drawn in Paint Tool Sai. Used a nearly dead graphics tablet which I'll be replacing soon enough with a shiny intuos. Zero references involved. (except for the obvious briefing of her every detail)
NOTE: I've just barely started and this alone took me HOURS to do. I'm perfectly aware that it'll be a real while till I can even BEGIN to compare myself to most of the ones I'm inspired by.
Another thing I recently got into was working on my OC and making comic strips involving him. Granted, I've had my OC for years but this is officially the first time I'll be presenting him on actual form and no longer having him just inside my head:




Will be posting more draft works and practice sketches too in a while.



~Thoughts? Advice? CnC? Cookies?





P.S: Shameless plugs for my tumblr account where I'll be posting too --- > kingofspam.tumblr.com

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UPDATE: First character bio card is up






Decided to stick with chibi art for now and also focusing on improving my coloring.


More characters incoming soon~

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