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Greetings Everyone!


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So I technically made an account in February when Cartoon-World.org went down, which is why I'm here, but have been too busy to mess with it up until now. Things seem a bit different on here, but I hope to get used to them. It seems hard to find good sites like these. Anyway, I'm an Anime/Manga/Video game otaku and love most anime that I see. Some of my favorite anime include Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Bleach, Steins;Gate, and Death Note. My favorite manga are Rosario Vampire, Negima, and Higurashi. Finally some of my favorite games are Zelda Majora's Mask, Mega Man X, Pokemon SoulSilver, Super Mario 64, and Donkey Kong Country among many others. I hope to be fairly active in the community, when I have time anyway. Among these hobbies I also enjoy drawing anime/manga. Sometimes I draw existing characters while other times I work on creating my own for a manga series I'm hoping to develop. I only have one question, in the forums is there a search function and if so where is it?

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It's on the top right of every page. Be sure to change the box on the right to what you want to search in (in the picture it says topic).


Welcome to Kametsu. Go show off your fanart in Otaku Releases!


Thanks, I didn't see it there for some reason.


Welcome to Kametsu Forums


Thank You!

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