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Found 124 results

  1. Hi. I have too much free time on my hands, and idle computers over LAN and WAN. So I put them to work making things that I couldn't find. I am quite fond of some older shows, and had no viable way of storing them other than the straight muxes from my discs. Nobody had any good looking rips that I could find. If you want it done right, do it yourself, right? Debanded, Degrained, Denoised. All processed in 16-bit RGB and frameserved slower than x265 could actually encode it. They all look quite good. Getting the filters to completely remove the grain along with any mosquito noise and banding it caused with the ~20 Mbps these had allotted on the discs was not an easy feat. All 150 episodes, eventually. I do 1-2 per day because these basically render at 1 minute of video per hour. And the filtering isn't "one and done" either. And no, the actual videos will not have a split screen before/after look. comparison screens of a particularly grainy episode full size screens Oh, and everything is 10-bit, usually HEVC Main10 L4, but sometimes 4.1 or 5.0. Never higher. x264 Hi10P was unfortunately ahead of its time. HEVC Main10 now has broad hardware decode support. It's part of the UHD Blu-Ray spec, compatibility will only improve. I have a smartphone from several years ago that can handle it. Get with the times people. Your Xbox 360 can't cut it anymore. Did you make it all the way through that drivel?
  2. MagicMan


    Hi there! I joined this site to participate in some specific threads, but maybe I can take a look at the rest of it later on. Nice to be here with y'all!
  3. braverobin


    I just want to introduce myself! braverobin here!
  4. Hello there everybody on Kametsu, I'm niki, but as this nik is almost always already taken I decided to prepend O_A making it O_Aniki a few years back. As I originate from Germany and never got around learning decent english I beg your pardon if I'm uncomprehensive at times. I started getting interested in anime some 14 years ago (more or less) and since then have watch a lot of diferent shows. That's why I can't really decide which are in the top 5 and which are not. But none the less a few favorites of mine: Sword Art Online , Berserk , Love Hina , Neon Genesis Evangelion , Scryed , Those Who Hunt Elves , REcord of Lodoss War , El Hazard and many many more. Over the Years I have watched more than 1000 (yes, thousand no typo) anime series, movies, ova und co. and only seldomly were there anything real bad amongst them. In the Past I also read a few selected manga, like Bersek and Angel Sanctuary but as i hadn't always much time I stopped doing so after a few years. Gaming is a thing of its own. In recent years I have gotten hooked on Paradox Titles like Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis and of course Blizzard's Diablo and Wargaming's World of Tanks. But through all my years in front of a PC I have always liked strategy and development games. At the moment I'm improving my education at university, studying informatics in bachelor. I stumbled upon Kametsu on some Nyaa-posts of members releasing stuff and afterwards hung around kametsu irc-channel for about 2 years. I just thought it would be polite to officially say hello to the comunity. greetings and a good time niki
  5. Heya everyone! My name is WhiteE! I’m 13 years old! I’m from Hungary! I’m currently learning in a primary school! Interests: Anime My favourite genres are Shōnen, Ecchi, Fantasy, Seinen and Romance! My favourite animes are Sword Art Online (All Seasons, OVA, Movie) , K (All Seasons, Movie), High School DxD (All Seasons), Haikyuu (All Seasons, OVA) and Attack on Titan (All Seasons, OVA)! Manga and Webtoons I don’t read too much manga, but here are my favourites: Attack on Titan, Hitogatana and Haikyu!! I prefer webtoons over mangas and I love to read a very special and exciting webtoon called, DICE: The Cube that Changes Everything! Gaming I like to play games, because I can chill after a good day and just enjoy some very interesting and excellent games! My favourite games are League of Legends, Hearthstone, Dark Souls 3 and NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4!
  6. Hello, friends, I am new in this forum. Although I know about you for a long time. I am hopeful I may contribute someway effective to the community. Have a nice day.
  7. Greetings, everyone! First off: I'm slightly confused as to whether new people should create a thread or post in the pinned "Welcome to Kametsu" thread. Apparently people do both? I opted for a thread since it seems replies would be hard to follow in that one thread, hope that's ok. I found this place... maybe a week ago while searching for Moribito and put creating an account here on my dreadful ToDo-List. (Which, among other things, contains sending a signed contract back to my electricity supplier, so if you don't hear from me for a while, that's why. Anyway, don't have any stamps right now, so I might as well get this one done). So yeah, I came for the downloads but if past experience is any indication I'll stay for the chatter. Mostly I enjoy recommending stuff to anyone willing to listen, but if your question is "something like Highschool DxD", I really can't help you. I'm more into the shows with a serious tone, something that feels meaningful. The silly stuff is also enjoyable from time to time, but I'm not the go-to guy for that. That being said, I read way more than I write, but I reckon that I'll be around regularly, so feel free to drop me a line or highlight me. Best regards, blubbso
  8. Kartikus

    Hey, guys!

    I'm new here. Hope we get along well.
  9. greetings im an anime fan recently watched heavy sums of it trying to wing myself towards subs only but ive found gems and enjoyed them regardless some genre i enjoy are comedy, magic, war and mecha come here like i do with all public access to find more sources for my newest passion and hope i enjoy more and more thanks for reading
  10. Well good day everyone! Glad to have the opportunity to be a part of such a great community of anime lovers alike. I look forward to enjoying some great series with you all, and spreading the love back by helping you find what you need easier. Have a great time, and as I always say, "Nerds of the word unite!"
  11. So, looks like a nice place. I was initially surprised that the website got hold of my photo and uploaded it as the avatar, but it turns out that it's just my Gravtar picture being automatically set as my avatar. lol I had thought it was kinda creepy at first how the website managed to have access to my photo. Anyway, new member here. I'm from Singapore. I like anime, and has been a fan for several years. My favorite anime is Madoka Magica and Gintama, among others. Here's my anime listing if you'd like to check it out. I also like movies, and hope to someday become a filmmaker. It's a fleeting dream, but I don't really have other aspirations in life. Last but not least, I also like visual novels, and I'm currently reading Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru (just finished episode 6), Danganronpa 2 (just finished chapter 2), Corpse Party (going to start chapter 3 soon), and euphoria (completed Rika and Nemu's route). I have an attention problem, so reading's not my strongest suit, but I am trying regardless to finish my backlog of VNs. Anyway, nice to meet you and stuff. Or as Ushiromiya Ange says it, "See you again. Have a nice day."
  12. Hi everyone! I have been watching anime since the 1980's. My tastes have evolved from when I was younger but I still enjoy well produced anime of many styles. I offer a toast (of course with your favourite beverage) to all: Good health and happy viewing.
  13. Hello, everyone. My name is Quinton Cole. I am a 17-year-old autistic and I like Japanese culture, movies, and video games. One of my favorite manga series of all time is Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball. I am currently collecting the Digest Editon, which is currently going on. The Digest Edition of Dragon Ball recreates the chapters of the manga as it was originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump. I am also trying to pass a law to the U.S. Government that will protect the rights of the people to watch animation on home media in its original, unedited version, whether its a old-school short cartoon, an animated movie, or an anime movie or TV series, which means no company must refuse to release something in its original, unedited version, whether its Disney’s Song of the South or Warner Bros.’ Censored Eleven. On animated movies or TV episodes that gave people seizures when it originally aired, there should be a warning saying such. This law also means that films or TV series that are hybrids of live action and animation should be shown in its original, unedited version. This law I’m trying to pass will also protect the people’s rights to read illustrated books in its original, unedited version, whether its prose, like Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or English translations of manga, like Dragon Ball or Pokémon Adventures. I also believe that the length of a copyright term here in the U.S. is WAY too long. I personally believe that the length of a copyright term here in the U.S. should be how it was back when it started in 1790: 14 years with an optional 14-year renewal. I am trying to make this happen so works from the 20th century become part of the public domain. Here are my requirements for this copyright law if it is approved. Works that have already been around for two 14-year terms (28 years altogether) should automatically enter the public domain. If a work has been around for 14 years and a company that owns the rights to it decides not to renew the term, it should enter the public domain. Even if a copyrighted work originated in a foreign country, it should still enter the public domain here in the U.S. if it has been around for two 14-year terms. Once a work enters the public domain, it should never exit. Thank you for reading this post and please comment.
  14. Chancelrie


    Hi! Call me Eia. How did you find Kametsu? Referred by a friend who's a long-time member. What do you think of the place so far? Seems pretty spectacular, I look forward to poking around and contributing. How active are you planning on being? Fairly. What are your top five anime? Mushishi, Saraiya Goyou, Darker than Black (S1 only), Kyousougiga, D.Gray-man Top five video games? FFVIII (+rest of franchise), Tales of Symphonia (+rest of the franchise), Legend of Dragoon, SpaceEngine, Child of Light What other hobbies do you have? Writing, photography, translation, oneirology. Make any graphics? Not that anyone would want to see. Do you have any questions for us? Nope! I get the gist, and I'll figure the rest out as I go. Cheers!
  15. Hi. So there's not really much to know about me. I like soccer, drawing, and boys (maybe a little too much). Not sure how much I'm actually going to be on here.
  16. i'm new here, this place was suggested by someone when i asked them about cartoons i wassearching for. I used to use torrents to grab all my cartoons, but some series are getting sporadic over the torrentsites over the past year or so, so here i am. big fan oflots of adult swim series and cn stuff. guess thats it for now
  17. Hello Everybody! Current shows that I am watching and really enjoying are GANGSTA and The Heroic Age of Arslan.
  18. Hey All, NEw here. Hoping to make my presence count.
  19. Moravuscz


    To follow the guidline, here are some Q's & A's: How did you find Kametsu? thx to deanzel's Psycho-Pass torrent description, need some DDL's What do you think of the place so far? Probably a good place to get what I'm looking for How active are you planning on being? Occasionaly? Mostly to get some BD releases I guess... What are your top five anime? Undecided, and most probably I'll never decide (Indecisiveness is strong with this one) Top five video games? Um... PAYDAY 2? Neptunia's? Can't decide on more... What other hobbies do you have? Fooling around Sleeping Drinking? Dunno Make any graphics? Nope Do you have any questions for us?​ Am I a bad person? Well... that about covers who I am... nice to meet the rest of the world!
  20. TeridaxXD001


    Hello. I am new here. I am a Pokemon fan (don't judge me!), and I collect various forms of Pokemon media. I found this site looking for the Mega Evolution Pokedex Shorts. I am an animation fan (mostly American though, I admit, and mostly older stuff). I prefer 2D/traditional to 3D/CGI. I have also dabbled in animation myself a bit through the use of stop-motion photography. That is all.
  21. azevedo


    Hey there, looking forward to be a part of this community and be around people with the same hobbies as I have.
  22. Deveigney

    sgoing on

    yeah new to this so yeah
  23. So I guess I'm supposed to introduce myself. Dunno what to say other than that I love Yugioh Arc V.
  24. Hi everyone, Glad to be here! I'm a huge anime/game dork. My favorite anime would have to be The Irresponsible Captain Tylor (showing my age here!), and favorite game is definitely The Longest Journey. Nice to meet you all!
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