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  1. Yeah those games are well known in the RPG landscape and man it will make total sense to remastered them.
  2. Well Nyaa is gone, since I only go to the site to see the latest dual-audio releases. Well at least there is alternatives to get the latest encodes. Well i'm definitely need to register my mIRC as soon as possible. And I still have access to animebytes.org for the latest ISOs

    1. Freeman-AP
    2. SGG


      What other dual-audio sites do you know of?

  3. I guess I need to buy a headset then
  4. Im getting this on PS4 Emrys PSN IceColdKenzo
  5. Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection
  6. Tomb Raider Definitive Edition
  7. Fallout 4 Black Ops 3 The Order 1886
  8. The mobile theme looks clean and streamlined so I'm cool with it.
  9. I have been on an anime hiatus for a couple of months now.

  10. Downloading the Resurrection F movie with Dragon Team subs at the moment

    1. Tsukiyomi
    2. Kenzou


      Same encode but someone remux it and add Dragon Team subs with it http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=743767

  11. I'm African-American in other words ''Black-American'' the word nigga is being used so many times in music,movies, video games, and other forms in for years. The use of word nigga can be use in many ways in how you based it from. Mostly the older generation hear the word ''nigger'' in since slavery was prominent in the late 19th century towards the half in the 20th century. I use the word nigga all the time whenever I'm saying in general but I don't use the word all the time when I'm working or around other people because I don't know when they react. People is all different shapes and sizes and color from racial backgrounds use the word besides blacks and whites.
  12. Recently bought Wolfenstein The Old Blood and Dishonored Definitive Edition on the PS4
  13. what is a good bittorrent client to use

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    2. Afternoon Nap

      Afternoon Nap

      Tixati - total portability.

    3. RYONBO


      Flud for android

    4. Arian


      uTorrent 2.2.1. It can bypass the limitations that some trackers set for the newer uTorrents as well as other clients, plus it's ad-free.

  14. downloading more classic anime ovas and movies from the 80's i need to find a good encode of wicked city and demon city shinjuku anyone know where i can start looking?

    1. Koby


      Make a request in the request section. -_-

    2. Kenzou


      my fault koby

    3. Badman


      Wicked City is being released by Discotek soon, just get that

  15. Currently downloading some older anime OVA's and movies for archival purposes

  16. I love Princess Momonoke so i might buy this because I wanna support Studio Ghibli
  17. Just bought my first anime BD and its Akira 25th anniversary edition
  18. currently downloading blazblue alter memory and maybe Tokyo Ravens from Exiled-destiny because I want to

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    2. DeathTheKid


      Patience young one.

    3. Afternoon Nap

      Afternoon Nap

      "How poor are they that have not patience."

    4. Kenzou


      ok i will be calm and patience

  19. I'm think on giving up this show and just watch the old DBZ series and movies at least it had action.
  20. Is anyone going to do a encode of Psycho-Pass Movie?

  21. playing some contra on various systems
  22. Done watching Kill la Kill! Story was kinda predictable, characters were kinda stereotypical but the action scenes were very well done, the music was also excellent, and a really well versed and acted English dub. Overall its a really good shounen action series.
  23. Want to know how many titles that Aniplex of America has dubbed so far and how many are still subbed?
  24. Currently watching Kill la Kill so far the dub is pretty good and I recognized some of the VA in it.
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