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Yello from the frigid north.


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AKA Canada.

I'm Exia66, I'm from the frozen north that is Canada. It's not cold like like you USers think. (<See what I did there?) Anyway; I've been intending to register for a while now. Just never got a round to it.

A little info about me:

I'm a huge writer. Seriously, I've tried so many genres it isn't even fun.

I'm actually somewhat lame with jokes. Really lame actually.

I'm a techie.

So yeah. Hope to get to know some of you peoples.

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Hello, I'm Koby from the burning South in North Texas. It's really hot and humid here, but maybe not as much as you think, but to me I hate the heat. Awesome that you finally decided to join then, welcome to the forum and hopefully you will continue to grace us with your "lame" jokes. I'm usually too busy to write a whole lot in one post, but I find I'm one of the more writable (maybe not the right word for this) people of the forum as most use a lot of one word posts, which I don't like.

I'm a techie too, I love to rebuild computers, design web sites, code websites, etc.

So yeah, hope you like it here, and continue to grace us with your presence.

(See what I did with my posts, haha).

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