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  1. I used to love playing Tiberian Sun online. Besides that, I like Red Alert: Retaliation, which I have for the PS1. By the way, I recognize you because of the forum in your signature. Hi.
  2. Hi.

    Do you know where the original image shown in your avatar can be found? I have an avatar with the same image so I've been wondering about that.

  3. Since I have recommended my preferred anti-virus several times for the same reasons, I'll just quote myself:
  4. Yeah, I've seen this at some of the vBulletin forums I've gone to. I believe there's a ready made script for it, too; i.e., you merely need to upload it in the Admin CP. That's my guess. I suppose a concern would be that the height for the post area would be increased notably for small posts. Regards, Kevin
  5. What up playa.

  6. It's a graphic that's sort of a progress bar influenced by how much you've been visiting. At least, that's what I'm assuming, as I've seen something like that at other forums. Sometimes, it's a series of bars that calculate different "accomplishments" you've made, just as a rank text or image may signify how much you've posted. This feature is usually associated with a "shop" and "money" system that rewards users with items or privileges. That said, I don't care for the idea.
  7. Thanks. Added you.

  8. Sure thing mate: cynthiaroses@live.com is my MSN

  9. I like the sticky idea. In fact, this forum software allows notices, which may be useful. Well, maybe not this version of the forum software. Koby knows. I've already done this idea at my forum, in a topic titled "New members, please read this first." I think it's important not to make them feel any pressure, such as may happen if they're allowed to get the impression that they have to provide paragraphs about themselves, or that it has to be personal information. Of course, surveys don't tend to be too personal anyway. In any case, just emphasizing that even a little bit of casual information about themselves helps start discussions, make introductions worthwhile, and help the new member get acquainted with people should be enough. What I do, too, is to ask follow up questions once in a while, or at least comment on what someone said. That part's not in the rules, and I'd rather lead by example.
  10. Medora


    Greetings to the new member, and to the Lucida Console font style.
  11. Huh, must be something on my end, then. I'm using Firefox 3.6.3.
  12. No I don't man I just got internet here about a week ago and i need to make an account.

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