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  1. thanks but Im sure there are much better draftsmen. oh and its good to be back
  2. Here is my sketch for the contest. Hope it is fitting.
  3. Yaaay! Welcome back Lan! *pushes the cat out of his visitor room* I grew tired of watching it... >.>

  4. Any pics of any kind would be great!! Im happy to try anything any of you would like to see so just let me know what it is and send me sum pics of what you would like worked with and i will see what I can do
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO!

    Hope ya have a great birthday and such.

    Oh one more thing! ( . ) ( . ) Birthday eyes! xD

  6. Guess what? Happy Birthday.

    Yup, i can do that officially, cause it's the Ninth here already and you're the birth of 8989, remember?

    Oh my, look how you've grown! Drinking age in USA, wasn't it?

  7. As many members of the forum know I am in school for art. I love to draw and I am in constant need of new subjects to draw. This is where you all come in. If you would be so kind as to send me a picture of something you would like me to draw i would be more than happy to do so. I like to draw people the most but i will also draw animals, nature and so on. I ask that the pictures be good quality and large if at all possible. send the pics to [email protected] and i will go to work on them asap. When finished i can either send a pic of the finished work to a return email or post it here. please let me know with the pic if you would like it posted or not. For human models the what you wear is completely up to you. I have drawn nude models before but I would like to keep the forum friendly for all ages. here is my email again... [email protected] Thankyou
  8. Oby!!! you have been gone too long!!! Come back please!! Miss you lots :)

  9. LANTERN!!! How dare you leave when I come back! j/k

  10. EVE!!!! WHere did you go?

  11. Journal log: July 13, 2010 - I found a letter today from Mae. It wasnt written long ago so I believe we will find her in no time now. Koby found Botzz this morning, or what was left of him. He was in a hole with his heart ripped out and a sign around his neck saying " NO ONE DODGES CHUCK NORRIS". After reading this we decided if he thought he could dodge Chuck, then it wasnt murder it was suicide. Leki also died today. he continued to swell until it crushed all his organs. but with all of this tragedy we are still being positive. I know your alive now Mae and we will all see you very soon. I can feel it

  12. Journal log: July 12, 2010 - Still no sign of Mae. Eve and I have been doing our best to keep hope alive for the rest but even we are now having trouble seeing the light. Oblivia and Shade returned with enough food to satisfy hunger for the moment but it isnt nearly enough. We sent koby and Botzz out to scout ahead yesterday and Botzz has not returned or reported in several hours. Koby has formed a search party to find him but I have a bad feeling. It has started to rain and we were forced further into the jungle for shelter. Leki is swollen even more today and is now running a fever. Poetice is working on how to remedy this but she has had her hands full with Chaos. He has gotten so bad we were forced to tie him up because we believe he has become a danger to himself and others. We are going to try to get out of the valley by nightfall and make camp at the base of the mountain. tomorrow we will have to either find a way around or through the mountain because we dont have the gear to go up it. We will find you Mae. I just know it.

  13. banned for not being a game
  14. Journal log: July 11, 2010 - Another day has gone by and there is still no sign of Mae. We have walked from the clearing, where Sen was laid to rest, into the valley. I must hand it to everyone for sticking it out through these harsh conditions. Oblivia and Shade have formed a hunting party. With any luck they will find enough food for the rest of the journey. I fear that the heat and starvation has gotten to Chaos. He has developed insomnia and paces constantly muttering how Mae is gone and that it was his fault. He also claimed to be a spy for the crickets early this morning. I Beleave if we dont find Mae soon he may never be normal again. well at least normal for him that is. Koby and Botzz have left the party to scout ahead. They were ordered to check in every two hours or we will be forced to form a search party for them. Johnny disappeared last night. there was a long blood trail from his tent leading deeper into the jungle. It had to be cricket grunts. We searched for him for several hours with no luck. We finally came across a large pool of blood and what seemed to be part of his broken leg. We returned to the camp. I believe that at this point it is unwise to devide from the group. The ones who are hunting and scout are heavily armed so they should be fine but even they are to not be gone longer then they have too. Leki is trying to study the wildlife out here but it is unlike any of us have ever seen. He got stuck by a thorn on a plant we came across yesterday and it is now beginning to swell. I hope it doesnt become too much of a problem. We will find you Mae.

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