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    who of you know or play Command and conquer ?

    I used to love playing Tiberian Sun online. Besides that, I like Red Alert: Retaliation, which I have for the PS1. By the way, I recognize you because of the forum in your signature. Hi.
  2. Hi.

    Do you know where the original image shown in your avatar can be found? I have an avatar with the same image so I've been wondering about that.

  3. Medora

    what is a good free antivirus?

    Since I have recommended my preferred anti-virus several times for the same reasons, I'll just quote myself:
  4. Medora

    Honors and Awards System?

    Yeah, I've seen this at some of the vBulletin forums I've gone to. I believe there's a ready made script for it, too; i.e., you merely need to upload it in the Admin CP. That's my guess. I suppose a concern would be that the height for the post area would be increased notably for small posts. Regards, Kevin
  5. What up playa.

  6. Medora

    Elsch's Suggestions vol 2

    It's a graphic that's sort of a progress bar influenced by how much you've been visiting. At least, that's what I'm assuming, as I've seen something like that at other forums. Sometimes, it's a series of bars that calculate different "accomplishments" you've made, just as a rank text or image may signify how much you've posted. This feature is usually associated with a "shop" and "money" system that rewards users with items or privileges. That said, I don't care for the idea.
  7. Thanks. Added you.

  8. Medora

    Elsch's Suggestions vol 2

    I like the sticky idea. In fact, this forum software allows notices, which may be useful. Well, maybe not this version of the forum software. Koby knows. I've already done this idea at my forum, in a topic titled "New members, please read this first." I think it's important not to make them feel any pressure, such as may happen if they're allowed to get the impression that they have to provide paragraphs about themselves, or that it has to be personal information. Of course, surveys don't tend to be too personal anyway. In any case, just emphasizing that even a little bit of casual information about themselves helps start discussions, make introductions worthwhile, and help the new member get acquainted with people should be enough. What I do, too, is to ask follow up questions once in a while, or at least comment on what someone said. That part's not in the rules, and I'd rather lead by example.
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    Greetings to the new member, and to the Lucida Console font style.
  10. Medora

    Your business card is CRAP!

    Huh, must be something on my end, then. I'm using Firefox 3.6.3.
  11. Do you have an IM? I was wondering if you'd be interested in chatting on MSN, AIM, or Yahoo, if you have either.

  12. Medora

    Your business card is CRAP!

    Hm, no wonder your video wasn't showing up: you attempted to use HTML, but this forum uses BBCode for YouTube videos. For this video, you just take the URL for the video, which, in this case, is the following: Then you take the random set of numbers and letters after the "/v/", and wrap it around the YouTube tags, like this: 4YBxeDN4tbk&hl
  13. Medora

    End of World

    Heh. The Mayans were accomplished astronomers, certainly. However, as I pointed out at another forum: When someone misinterpreted what I said, I clarified: So yeah, we'll be fine in 2012, unless something ends up happening that's not as mystical.
  14. Do you have an IM program? I was wondering if you would be interested in talking to me on IM.

  15. Medora

    Growth as a Human Race

    That offends me. Your face offends me. Your second sentence here reeks of the notion of evolution as a step ladder. Biologically speaking, however, we're not that special. Also, evolution has no plan. Of course, our morality is human-centric, and we struggle to care as much for other species. If the Silurians, that fictional reptilian race from Doctor Who that has evolved to our level, mental wise, really existed, and one of us killed one of them, we may consider it monstrous, but not as much as if that person killed another human. There is nothing revolutionary about this idea. It makes sense that we would develop empathy for each other, as otherwise we cannot survive as a race. As extinct species, including a competing humanoid race (i.e., the Neanderthal) learned the painful way, however, we're just as vicious as we are kind. This may seem paradoxical, but the world is a dangerous place, and we adapted these "less desirable" traits in addition to the ones we may be less ashamed of. The world, furthermore, may not seem so dangerous to many of us reading this, but if you're really wondering that, you're definitely taking the comforts granted to you in the society you live in for granted. A world in which you don't have to hunt every day to survive and are therefore freed up of so much time that can be used for texting on your smart phone, in which modern medicine combats so many ills that would have been deadly centuries before, and in which you don't have to be on constant look out for predators. In any case, old habits are hard to break. Our manners are programmed into us through centuries of evolutionary pressure. Of course, there's free will, but there is a certain extent to which we act just as we are expected to. To act otherwise is a constant effort to break the mold. How do you suggest "we trash a majority of compassion"? How do you define mentally retarded? Are the autistic mentally retarded? How mentally retarded is retarded enough? Also, would you say only the mentally retarded are "unfit" for society? What about those who lost both legs and arms defending the country in a war? Also, have you ever had a mentally retarded family member? I think that's hacking at the branches instead of the roots. We could get rid of their generous cable packages, which I wouldn't mind, but it may be more productive to focus on the reasons why people end up in prison in the first place. As I posted at my forum, in a topic titled "America may privatize death row," Moving on: I think stupidity is the root. Outlawing religion doesn't seem any more productive than outlawing alcohol. You're not going to get rid of it. When you give people education, utilities, water, food, and a job, they're much less likely to go out and bomb people. Also, when a man has his own business, he tends to shy away from extremism because it's bad for business. When people are well off, and have much to lose, they act better, whether or not they're religious. When people are better educated and have more materially, furthermore, they tend to be less religious, and to be more tolerant. There are prevalent business and secular classes in Turkey, for example, and even though the population is Muslim, an Islamic theocracy hasn't been allowed to rule. Who are the people who should not have children?
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    Balthier. Easy choice of style.
  17. Medora

    Foreign Language

    I can speak ilongo, a Filipino dialect. Besides that, English, of course. I'm interested in learning Spanish.
  18. Medora

    A Perfect Woman

    Oh, I didn't doubt that you had something specifically in mind when you said "intelligence"; rather, that your specific would differ from another person's specific. In other words, whether you mean something specific or not, if nobody expands on what he means by "intelligent," it gets to the point where it may as well mean nothing. On that note, thank you for expanding.
  19. Yuna. She was bad-ass, especially when she faced up to Kelk Ronso, and Yunalesca.
  20. Medora

    A Perfect Woman

    Heh, I hate listing general stuff like "intelligence" because everyone has their own idea of what such things mean, and it gets to the point where it means nothing at all. Everyone, to everyone, is intelligent. Unless that person happens to blow up a building because the voices in his head told him to. Even then, if you did it for a religious reason, or because you hate the government, people will still think you're pretty deep. My rambling aside, I don't know. I've never even dated anyone, so I don't know what works for me and what doesn't. In any case, I think "your perfect someone" entails being able to deal with flaws and quirks, and having enough of what you like to be able to do so. The same goes for you. You have to ask yourself what it is that's not so great, and what could keep you from working it out with someone. As an acquaintance, Karim Temple, pointed out in "What Really Matters In Life," "Perfectionists have difficulty letting go of their point of view for the sake of compromise." When you fail at marriage multiple times, it's not because you're an expert at marriage, but because you're an expert at failure, to borrow from a man who's only married once, and has been married a long time, Michael Wong. Maybe there's something wrong with you. Maybe it's not just because the people you get with are so flawed. You need to be amenable. I don't mean submissive, and I don't mean it as a one-way deal, but you're going to have to be able to yield or concede even when you've been embarrassed. It's about how you generally act, and that's a matter of practice as much as it is habit. That said, it's because we're so flawed that relationships are so complicated, and we often have to do things we wouldn't want to, or at least not exactly the way we want to. When we think of perfection in a relationship, much of the time what we really mean is "what would my partner need to be like for me to not have to put in effort for it to work." You need to think twice about that approach. Anyways, sorry for the rambling pace, but I gotta go, heh.
  21. If you don't mind my asking, who is the character with the red eyes on the right side of your signature?

  22. Medora


    Hi. Have you played A Link To The Past, Mario World, and Mario All-Stars? I consider those requisite playing for a SNES owner.
  23. Hello =D I am well, if tired because of all the heat, and having to drive in it.