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Kid Boruto

Manga You're Currently Reading?

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I trad a lot of manga both online as translated scans, and in book form. Though the stuff that is currently coming out I read online, and then get it in book form if I like it enough.

That list includes, but is not limited to.


One Piece


Deceive Conan

There is of course more, but thats all I'll put for now to keep it short.

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I usually watch anime more than I read manga but currently reading:

1. Silver Spoon - From the author of FMA; extremely hilarious manga, and also surprisingly extremely educational lol

2. GE-Good Ending - Not that great cos it can be a little repetitive and the characters can be annoying. Started off well though.

3. Naruto - I'm sure I don't need to explain this one lol

4. Bleach - Same as Naruto lol

5. Kurosagi - Good manga though chapters can take a while to come out. I'm 2 or 3 chapters behind at the moment though.

I might also start reading Soul Eater again, though I forgot where I left off lol

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Online I'm reading the "Big Three" and in real life I'm reading Case Closed(the reason why I'm not reading this online is because it's my favorite manga and I don't want to spoil the series by reading ahead online).

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