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  1. Anime I look forward too. Berserk D.Gray-Man Hallow Nanatsu no Taizai As for Taboo Tattoo, I will watch how the anime goes since I read the manga a few years ago.
  2. Uryu state was expected. Orihime saying she gonna be useful...lol
  3. Nice to see Ichigo being face planted
  4. Who is that dude cutting all those birds..??? /Kubo.
  5. Seeing how the anime skip some of the manga content.
  6. Aizen is back and already troll the first person in front of him lol
  7. Dead Tube the Manga atm. Chapter one was good
  8. The only good part of today chapter was
  9. Wtf. Ichigo told her to avoid that attack......... -____- Then Renji and Shinji became a thing of the past.
  10. Can't wait to see next villian after Kaguya.
  11. Lol Orochimaru finally got rinnegan.
  12. These two series. I'm not sure how I ended up taking a liking to them. But enjoy it as always. Fuuka Read the latest chapter 12 Iris Zero And reach chapter 19 atm
  13. Suckura gonna get it lol. But really. It's about damn time Madara get his eye back from obito.
  14. Wow! Flamingo is powerful.! Now imagine how strong Kaido could be.? Since Doflamingo was frighten when Law told him about Kaido unleashing his fury..
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