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  1. Well damn this place sure has changed o_O

    1. J-Lord
    2. Dae314


      Do you like what we did with your corner?

    3. KaoclazmMJR


      I'm so confused haha

  2. a vegetarian who is willing to consume the ova and milk of animals, but not the actual animals.
  3. you're correct; however, certain minerals and other nutrients (i.e. creatine, protein, vitamin b12, etc) which are abundant in red meat (and some other meats) must be supplemented if your are going vegan or ovo lacto vegetarian, which is fine if you have thousands to spend each year on supps and don't mind taking as much pills and powders as a octogenarian
  4. *turns to face dae* Kaaaaameeeeeehaaaaameeeeee.....HAAAA!!! *accidentally destroyed the galaxy*
  5. oh yeah? well when a saiyan is losing a battle he can blow himself up and destroy everything! A5q7XOzvTNg
  6. I can't remember the last time I got sick actually, I think it was two years ago? @lama 102.5 must have sucked I had a 103.7 once and I'll tell you that was certainly not fun!
  7. Judge well at least that's how its supposed to be
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