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  1. I think Ulquiorra was a Vasto Lorde also.
  2. Have you not read Naruto recently? But I would have to say Itachi is a way better brother. He sacraifced his whole life to keep his village and lilttle brother safe. Yes, Ace sacraificed his life for Luffy, but Itachi did it on multiple occasions. He was shunned by his village when he should have been known as a hero and he was hated by his brother when he should have been loved.
  3. Online I'm reading the "Big Three" and in real life I'm reading Case Closed(the reason why I'm not reading this online is because it's my favorite manga and I don't want to spoil the series by reading ahead online).
  4. When people talk to me for long periods of time when I don't want to talk. That's about it though. I'm a very tolerant person.
  5. KLeo

    Anime or Manga?

    Manga is definitely better. It doesn't leave anything out the anime, and it gets right to the point. Sometimes it takes way too long for an anime to get through a part.
  6. KLeo

    I hate Naruto

    Shippuden sucks, but the kid series is 100 times better. I say just watch Naruto from when they were kids.
  7. I think they'll be facing Blackbeard last. The way they showed up at Marineford basically shouted "WE'LL BE YOUR LAST AND STRONGEST ENEMIES!!" That's just my opinion though, what do you guys think?
  8. Zoro can kick Luffy's ass. He wouldn't, but he can. Zoro beat Hodi, in the manga, in 1 strike, while it took Luffy far more than 1 hit to beat Hodi. And the only reason he survived Zoro's attack was because of those damn steroids.
  9. I hope they don't show his face. It'd take away a lot from his character.
  10. There'd be no point in Orochimaru coming back because Kabuto is stronger than him now.
  11. KLeo


    It might not be ending. The picture I saw all it said was Bleach is losing its time slot on TV Tokyo, but I don't know. We'll just have to wait and see.
  12. KLeo


    Well I don't watch the anime. But i love the manga. It's the best out of the big 3. The drawings are absolutly gorgeous. Characters are very likable. The story has picked up a lot, adding new elements that make it a more engaging read. The really only downfall in the manga is some of the fights are short.
  13. Seeing as how Shippuden is far worse than the original, I don't think another time skip would be good.
  14. KLeo


    I hope they either get to see the Spirit King or they fight him. That would be epic.
  15. Zoro Crocodile Boa Zoro is number 1 because he was the first character I liked in OP and he would do the most for Luffy. He is also very strong and works very hard to be that. Crocodile because he is the most gangster villain I have ever seen. He wears a fur coat in the desert and he beat Luffy 3 times before he was beaten. Boa because, I mean, she looks down on people so much she looks up! I love how she acts around Luffy and how she treats everybody else. She is also the prettiest girl in OP.
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