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  1. Giant zombies ? I'm out x) You should try to developp this dream as a fiction though. Could be interesting !
  2. Had a great time watching Knights of Sidonia. This kinda surprised me since I run into it by miskate ! Anyway. Awesome !
  3. This is a japanese emoji that shows a man pounding his head on the floor (the head comes first with the "o", then the arms with the "r" and "z" goes for the legs)
  4. I had my first computer at 10. Can't really remember how life was before that but I'm pretty sure I played outside with friends from my age. When I couldn't, I certainly had dolls to play with. But the 90's were kinda great anyway ! I'm sure my life wasn't that boring. I just can't remember well ^^'
  5. In these words - T. 1 (I HAD TO !! Come on, I was waiting for it) Prophecy - T2 & 3 (although I bought the 1st months and months ago) Attack on Titan - T. 14 (I'll never get used to the design, but I like the script anyway) Lovely Complex - T. 16 & 17 (FINALLY !!) 10 Count - T. 3 (yes, I DO love yaoi) Tokyo Ghoul - T. 12 (that's definitely one of my favourite manga) Now I'm broke. Thank you !
  6. shhhhh don't tell them No, they should know at least Orz Bienvenue à toi ! Je suis également française Welcome to the community
  7. I've experienced new emotions while watching Usagi Drop. I don't like children so far, but this anime was pretty emotional from every point of view.
  8. Hey Vamp Queen Lynn ! It would depend on your taste.. but here are my suggestions : Tokyo Ghoul, Ao no Exorcist, Attack on Titan, Deadman Wonderland, Lovely Complex, Kimi wa Pet, Basilisk, Judge. I've got various tastes ! Hope they'll help a little
  9. I've been eating the same food for days now.. I'm done with cereals ! Somebody help me x)
  10. Well, 5th season is out ! Can't wait to see how it goes..
  11. Attack on Titan 12th (I've been expecting it)
  12. Welcome to the community esKaayY ! What kind of anime do you fancy ?
  13. Deadman Wonderland Volumes 7 to 11
  14. I never had the chance to get anybody into anime. I usually meet people who watch them or hate them x)
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