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Cartoons You're Currently Watching?

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Note: Please don't discuss anime (Asian/Japanese cartoons).


I'll start us off ^_^.


I've started watching Code Lyoko :D, I just finished Episode 02 :).


This isn't my first time, I watched Code Lyoko until Season 2 ended, back during my High School days (bad grades = no TV, and we didn't have internet or a VCR/DVR back then).

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I currently have the DVR set to record Legend of Korra, Adventure Time, My Little Pony and reruns of Batman Beyond, Justice League Unlimited(ironic since I used to loathe this when I was yonger), and Gem & the Holograms.


My mom mocks me for watching MLP but I find it visually lovely and the story is decent.


I also used to watch Young Justice & Green Lantern the Animated Series when they were still on Cartoon Network. It was said neither got renewed for more episodes. Especially Green Lantern, if only for the BEST


LOVE STORY EVER. I read a lot of shoujo and nothing has yet to move me like Razer and Aya.

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I'm a Comics Animation fan, and the best (and only one that isn't focused on younger viewers) is Beware the Batman.  The new Ninja Turtles show is also very good!

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