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  1. I just started "Kuroko's Basketball", and it's not bad! Reminds me to "Slam Dunk" to some degree (not as funny though).
  2. I think 2 more members to get to 10 (not including Luffy). And they will also be in multiple alliances and have the same goals as other crews too
  3. Ranma Well actually, I guess Robotech (my friend liked it alot, so I watched it when I was over at their place)
  4. I am just about to start re-reading the 3 Kingdoms again (3rd time). One of my favourites!
  5. Basically none, but have an urge to get one of the new consoles and dive back in a bit. So many other things to do...!
  6. Nes, SMS, Super Nes, Genesis, PS1, Wii
  7. Mostly the animes in the start of the Viz Video era: Ranma, Fatal Fury. Brings back good memories!
  8. Good question! I'm just looking at my archive list and the only 2 I can confidently say is One Piece and Ranma. Other ones that I would want to rewatch if I had more time are: Hunter X Hunter, Slam Dunk, maybe Naruto and Bleach. I tend to re-read the manga's instead since it is alot less time consuming
  9. I watched the 1st 2 episodes of Gintama, but couldn't get into it. My friend raves about it though.
  10. Hmm, I can recommend 2 anime scenes (hence Anime's) that standout (won't describe the scene though). Fruits Basket is one (there is 1 particular episode that is very emotional). One Piece also has had 1 or 2 specific episodes that tugged on the heartstrings.
  11. For me, FFVI (American FF3) followed by FFIV (Amercian FF2). These bring back really great memories! Even my sister who isn't a huge game player really loved FFVI. Wish they would remake it...
  12. Loved it! Waited for it to come on and record!
  13. I find the "box" of Anime is much larger. Things can go much darker, stylized, and emotionally deeper than Cartoons. Not sure why that is. Even some of the really good cartoons that have over-arching connecting story threads don't seem to compare to the really good Animes
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