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  1. Hey I was wondering if you had the OVA for future diary ?

  2. Xion4

    Hi sorry to disturbed you but can you re-upload Episode 1 and 4 for Heavens lost Property season 2 ?

    1. Xion4


      The links are up but they are not mkv like the rest

    2. Baal


      So, You unrared them and they are not mkv?

    3. Xion4


      I just checked your thread for Heavens lost property and everything is A ok.. Thanks alot!!! you uploads are the best

  3. Do I need to watch the othre tenchi muyo seasons in order to understand war on geminar I already finished the first two episodes ??no spoilers please
  4. OK so witch one do you prefer and why ? are you getting it out on reales date or what till all the expansion packs are out to get them all at once ? which console ? (no console wars!)\ GO GO GO GO!!
  5. I cant wait to get this game although what i don't know is to either wait till all the expansion packs come out and get them on a single disc like GTA 4 !! what a though decision
  6. I dont know why but people often socialize me with this series which i have never seen a single episode. and to be honest it doesn't call my attention
  7. I currently watch Avenger Assemble Beware the Batman anime recently took over my cartoons time lol
  8. Xion4

    Ben 10

    This show WAS good but after the newest season animation was revealed i just stopped completely watching it I HATE it.
  9. This is such a good cartoon, good animation, good characters etc... ITS AWESOME !!!
  10. Breathless Ill check out your recommendations I love season 2 of highschool DxD !!!! AnimEvil-- Deadman Wonderland where to begin, I saw all the episodes and never liked it just didn't get me attention but ill check out the other anime you posted THANKS BOTH OF YOU !!!!!!
  11. Hello fellow anime fan's I started watching anime in the original voice sometime around towards the end of 2012 and its all thanks to Sword Art Online I was hooked in the first few episodes and now I can honestly say that I love anime with subs and if its dubbed even better but i still choose subs. although I have never read a single manga (please don't yell at me lol). So far the anime's iv'e seen are the following Sword Art Online Valvrave The Liberator Blue Exorcist Date A Live Guilt Crown High School DxD The world God Only Knows Zetman Death Note The Tower of Druaga Infinite Stratos Code Geass Is This a Zombie (i just started in this one but it looks like its gonna be awesome) Attack On Titan (might continue watching it) I forgot what else but the highlighted ones are the ones that are my favorite anime's of all time, if its some what the same as in the list or you think i might like it then please share, but if its anything like the highlighted ones then please do defiantly share... Thanks a bunch !!!!!
  12. Sword Art Online started my addiction to subbed anime and now I cant get enough sleep lol animes ROCK and its the number 1 anime on my list too !!!!!!
  13. I dont read the manga myself but i do watch every new episode that comes out. Although it does get boring from time to time and I really hate the fillers, I also think that they could make naruto a little more smarter.
  14. Iv'e been keeping up with this anime its good and all but so far the newest episodes aren't cutting it for me.
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