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Yo! :3


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My name is KellyAnne, but you can just call me Kelly or K, if you like.

I am 17, and I live in a small town that you've probably never heard of in Tennessee.

And no, I do not wash my clothes in a creek, nor do I sleep with my family members.

And yes, I have actually had people ask me if I did those things XD

Naturally I am a manga/anime nerd, don't think I would be here if I wasn't haha.

I personally think that I am a very odd, yet, interesting person.

When I finish high school I intend on going to college to become an art teacher.

Yes, I draw, though I would love to post some of my drawings...I sadly do not have a scanner.

I have a very "different" sense of humor.

In my spare time you can usually find me drawing, reading, playing WoW/DnD, taking pictures, or writing poetry.

If you'd like to know more, just email me or something.

I'm always looking for new friends :]



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LOL.. funny intro. My name is Koby. Currently 20 years of age. I'm from Texas, and I get all kinds of comments like you.. No I'm not a damn farmer, hick, cowboy, or w/e. I have all my teeth and I talk normal, lolz. Or at least I consider myself to talk normal, haha.

I love Anime, obviously.. or I wouldn't have made this place.. though honestly.. I've never been much on manga. Tried reading some before but it just didn't seem to pull me in. I'd much rather read a book. So I mostly just stick to Anime. There is a couple manga series I might eventually pick up for certain series that the Anime differed drastically.. or just didn't finish such as Claymore, Spiral, Zatch Bell, D.Gray-man, etc..

Anyways, Welcome to Kametsu Forums! I hope you continue to enjoy your stay here.

Here at Kametsu Forums you can discuss many things with other members such as your favorite Anime, Video Games, Music, Books, Movies.. etc.. you can post your graphics if you make any.. or fan art (though I guess not since you said you don't have a scanner) and fan fiction.. the possibilities are endless!

Also, since so many are joining just to leech, I've been saying this to everyone who joins: If you download any Anime from here, please be sure to post a thank you in the thread to the Uploader. It not only shows your appreciation for their hard work but also shows that people are actually downloading their uploads.

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First - hi.

Second - you don need any scanner or stuff like that to show us your pics. Just use a simple camera, then upload the photos. (note: Check whether the camera is digital first!)

Third - after the Second you have to show us your pics.

Fourth - why exactly is FLCL your fav?

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Thanks for the idea, Shade!

I will definitely take pictures of some of my art and post it :]

And FLCL is one of my fav anime because I really loved how it was drawn, I loved the storyline, and I just think it was an overall entertaining, fun anime.

Though I do wish...that they would have made more episodes...does the manga go further than the anime does?

Thank, you all for the welcomes :D

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