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  1. I have played for a few years, i am not the best but i am by far not the worst. It is pretty much the only game i play in my off time nowadays
  2. Haha you remind me of a friend up on campus. It was Rune Factory all day erry day. xD
  3. I would join but i am already paying for it and on an official server with 2 raiding 85's. it has slowed down for me anyways though, i am just waiting for MoP to drop. It has been a while since i played any game with you guys since phantasy star. It is a time consuming game lol
  4. lol same here i have just been taking each day as it comes. xD

  5. How have you been miss poetic?

  6. I remember this one person that was an awesome tragedy.... you could even say they were a... Poetic tragedy :D

    Hi miss poetic

  7. i thought chaos legion had it up?

  8. on league of legends.xD

  9. i think i will probably go to a few friends parties. : ) it should be fun.:)

  10. add Ukanlos Slayer as a friend

  11. Lol i always find this hilarious. Do you have more Miss Kiwi?
  12. Not much i guess i am "learning" in class but i lose my attention pretty easy.lol

  13. it originally was from the game .hack GU but they made an anime that told the story before the game i think it was called .hack roots

  14. I have been awesome how have you been?

  15. D : How dare you!!!!!!! I will nom your arm now! muwahahaha

  16. see that brings more questions like chocolate as in solid chocolate flavor or chocolate chip? or maybe even a chocolate swirl cookie.?

  17. You me hitman battlefield tomorrow at 7 pm central time

  18. I am boring!? awwwww snap i thought i was a little interesting. Lol jk
  19. Lol Kametsu is too intense!xD I got to say real life just for the sake i have a pretty good time but a better time outside of the interwebz.
  20. Today i am going with crepuscular rays, or what you all may know as sun rays. Basically there are three main forms of them. The one that is easiest for me to remember is "Jacob's Ladder", it is the light that shines through gaps in low clouds. Most of the time they are yellow and red and such. Most of the time you see them at sunset and sunrise. Anyways they are cool. So enjoy them. >_>
  21. I was producing a scenario and you are right it is completely different but the concept is what i am trying to get at. What i mean is that neither technically are related to your everyday life. However i don't believe that there is a limited amount of care, that is like actually saying you can measure it, which is like saying that we can see atoms...
  22. I was a kid in school they didn't say much about it throughout the day. As far as not caring i don't consider it rude but more along the lines of selfish. If you are so caught up with whats around you how do you come to care for other people? Your opinion is your own but the issue i see with it is kind of like, say a kid runs out into traffic in front of you and gets hit and killed by a car before your eyes, do you not care then? The situation changes but not the concept. Just because the said "kid" or the actual attack was not directly related to you, you would still care less about it? I dont care much for the anniversary ceremonies though, i feel in away it helps us to remember but i also think it stirs hate once again. That is just my opinion though.
  23. I liked this one, very informative. : ) i forgot to put mine up today, well yesterday technically i guess but i will try to remember tomorrow so i am not forcing you all the time. xD
  24. Well Russia had the most losses but also they had the battle that was the turning point of the war. All and all america had the economy jump started because of the war which was a plus for us. Germany got owned because of tactics toward fighting a two front war and worst of all Hitler and Stalin's pride when it came to Stalingrad. That was like a penis measuring contest that neither wanted to lose. So I guess The Allies one but as far as a single nation, America did very well with money and well everyone else just about repeated what caused the second world war in the first place, I mean WWI treaty of versailles caused a lot of problems that helped Hitler come to power and bam here we are at world war II and thinking to our selves... wow demilitarization really did wonder.... nope.
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