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Which is your favorite Sasuke Or Itachi?

Favorite Uchiha Brother?  

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  1. 1. Favorite Uchiha Brother?

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I think Sasuke is starting to grow on me, I never felt the story of Itachi's character had the chance to fully develop. He was always shrouded in mystery. Even though he (Sasuke) hasn't earned squat! :D

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the Anime shows more about Sasuke 's life, so I would vote Sasuke

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Sasuke didnt take Itachi's eyes, those eyes are gift of him for Sasuke, he loves Sasuke more than anything else, thats why he created hatred inside Sasuke, in order to make him strong, by his determine and goal,

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well i wish I would be either one of them, so I can have an amazing brother :))

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