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  1. i think itachi actually loved sasuke but sasukes feelings toward itachi wouldn't change
  2. yeah shes a really cool character
  3. maingan


    the fillers make the show really boring
  4. i prefer sakura my self but i dont think she should marry naruto in show either lol
  5. thats someone asking who would win in a fight hollowed ichigo or kenpachi with bankai it has nothing to do with what his bankai is
  6. lol kinda wondering what kind of bankai would fit kenpachi i personally think something that gives him strength lol
  7. They could have and made it where aizen just died and never could betray them lol and they killed gin and tosen but thats my opinion i think the anime would have gone bigger like that anyways instead of having so many fillers and pointless ad ons's to the show but thats my opinion
  8. hm well sasuke was always top of his class and was only getting stronger but then again so was kikkashi
  9. i havent had time to read manga yet and im sure it is its been out for several years
  10. yes i am i am currently working on a naruto sasuke tribute amv currently using after effects and sony vegas lol

  11. Are you on Youtube? I saw that you are an AMV maker...

  12. One problem 206 hasn't come out yet it only went to 205.. so did they skip an episode of dub or did u have an typo? o-o
  13. I would watch the sub now but school is rough so i just watch dub every week and im sure your right about that i wish they would release and episode every day like they did several years ago when naruto first came out in dub
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