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  1. NinaRose475

    Will/Should Rukia achieve bankai?

    I would like her to achieve bankai but I don't think that's gonna happen. It'd be awesome if it did though.
  2. First time I faced him he killed me in less than 10 seconds. I leveled up until I was about level 70 and he still kick my ass. I eventually beat him but it took a while.
  3. NinaRose475

    Question: Am I The Only Who Can't Stand Orihime?

    I can't stand her much either. I mean at first she was kind of funny but now she just gets annoying. "Kurosaki-kun!" "Oh Kurosaki-kun!" "What do I do Kurosaki-kun?!" She has the power to reject parts of reality she doesn't like yet all she can do is sit there and cry like a lovesick puppy!
  4. the first animes i ever watched were edited and dubbed (dragon ball and sailor moon) so i thought they were just cartoons. i first realized that anime and cartoons were different when i watched Ranma 1/2 when i was 12...funny show...just not for kids...
  5. NinaRose475

    CN has officially lost it!

    it's a cute parody. when i watch MAD it's like robot chicken for younger people.
  6. NinaRose475

    Thundercats 2011

    this series is pretty good. i was concerned at first that it ruin thundercats for me but it's really good.
  7. NinaRose475

    Who is stronger Sasuke or Kakashi? (in Shippudden)

    kakashi is a more experienced fighter but i think sasuke is more powerful
  8. NinaRose475

    Who does naruto end up ?

    i hope he ends up with Hinata. I really hate the ideal of him ending up with sakura.
  9. NinaRose475

    Which is your favorite Sasuke Or Itachi?

    it's a really tough choice but i'd have to say sasuke
  10. NinaRose475

    Bleach Live-Action Movie

    I hope they don't do through with this. Dragon Ball Evolution should've taught everyone that this is a very bad idea!
  11. NinaRose475

    Worst BLEACH Charecters??

    I hate Marechiyo Ōmaeda. He's fat and useless. I also have a strong dislike for Orihime. I liked her at the beginning of the series when she was cute, funny, and said more than just, "Kurosaki-kun!" Then she morphed into this useless mary sue character. Has she done anything lately?! In hueco mundo she was planning on using her rejection power to reject the hogyoku ever existed, or something like that, but that never happened. she was brainwashed in the most recent arc. she has the most kickass power in the whole series but its wasted on her because she's always acting like a love sick puppy!
  12. NinaRose475

    Which is your favorite Zanpakuto?

    my favorite is definitely Byakuya's
  13. Your avatar made me lol XD

  14. NinaRose475

    Has Ishida gotten stronger?

    The issue with mayuri beating Szayel is that mayuri was able to replace his limbs with artificial ones (helpful when fight a guy with voodoo dolls). I think that Ishida has gotten stronger but he is still not as strong as he was in the quincy final form.