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  1. Don't wait to start watching! It's so amazing, believe me you won't regret it! I actually don't want it to end, because I have feeling if it did, I'd cry so badly... But do watch it!
  2. DestinyBlitz

    One Piece

    At first, i was just amazed. The artwork, the style, the ideas, the humour, everything was so different. But I loved it, because it made me laugh every 2 seconds and it was really interesting! So I started watching, and man, I wasn't dissapointed! That anime is just amazing!
  3. Well, which one of the 11 do you prefer? Eustass "Captain" Kid, Monkey D Luffy, Basil Hawkins, X. Drake, Trafalgar Law, Scratchmen Apoo, Killer, Jewelry Bonney, Capone Bege, Roronoa Zoro or Urouge? Mine are definetely Eustass "Captain" Kid and Trafalgar Law... Chosing between them is like chosing between candy and chocolate! - IMPOSSIBLE. Gotta love 'em those Supernovas
  4. Can't stand either of them, damn they were annoying... Already been said but Vivi was around more so that kind of ticked me off, but she actually battled (or at least tried), while Conis didn't do anything appart from talking and convincing... Yush, that's a draw then...~
  5. No, Sakura might've been trained by Tsunade, but she lacks real ability. not many jutsus, might have monster strength, but she's also too young to be hokage. Also, she still has feelings for sasuke and if ever she woud have to go against him shed be way too weak. And anyways, she woud just be a miniature Tsunade hokage, which isn't so impressive...
  6. The vid is well made and it's ok-cute but isn't it a bit...yaoi pervy-ish?
  7. Woah Leviathan, that was enlightening I don't think I have anymore questions, thanks for everyone's participation in the thread...and let's hope more about Zetsu is revealed!
  8. Hinata!...because though Sakura knows about everything that happened with Sasuke, she's still very attached to him. There's not much of a chance of a NaruSaku personally :/ Hinata's feelings are true, she's loved him for so long, I think it's just a matter of time until Naruto really notices and starts to develop feelings.
  9. I remember my french teacher was a huge fan of mangas. So we had to do a project about one, in my case I chose one at random...Fruits basket. I was amazed!!! I seriously loved it, began reading through the whole series and watching the anime. Then I stopped for a while. My little brothers friend was a huge fan of Naruto's, but I was grossed out because of the violence (*cough cough*). A year later I decided to randomly trying to watch it, and I became so absorbed, I raced through all of it. I found out a friend of mine loved anime too so we shared a couple of 'em and now here I am ^^ Ahaha...memories.
  10. Fair might be right... they might just both die. Though I personally prefer Sasuke dying. *Evil chuckle* but oh well! Let's just wait and see =3
  11. English - Orochimaru, and Kisame! (much more suited than the japanese - personally!) Japanese - Deidara (yay for hmm!) and Suigetsu! (Sounds much smoother and sneaky than the english - as it's supposed to be!)
  12. I think it's finito for Oro-chan Kabuto's got his genes under total control and just like Leviathan sed, his true existence has been wiped out. I kinda wish Kabuto didn't though...Kabu's become such an ass. He's almost become stronger than orochi himself with all the knowledge he gathered!
  13. The story of Naruto really doesn't have any romance, it's simply not the genre. I'd personally also quite like NaruHina but well guess we'll have to be satisfied with Fanfiction and Doujinshi's (is that how you spell it?)... Also, Naruto isn't really the kind to notice love, and Hinata is really shy so....you'd need a big catalyst for a true relationship to happen between the two! <3
  14. We don't know his age, his village (I heard it was the grass village but well sounds a bit like bullshit to me), his sex even (Pink nailpolish...khm)..?? Does he have anything to do with Madara appart from being his right-hand man in the Akatsuki? Was it really him who revived Madara? Seriously...who is Zetsu?!
  15. Well-said! x) Go Hidan! ...I'm not sure about the new appearance, but yeah! He's gonna pwn! C'mon Kishi give us a last ep with Hidan's revival! ;P
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